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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Top 5 Worst Wrestlemania Performers

This was a 411 Group Feature:

TJ Hawke 
CriteriaIt's a combination of things, but mostly it's determining expectations for a performance and seeing which people fell short the worst and the most often. The performance could be judged, financially, match-quality wise, and a little bit of his or her kayfabe performance.

5. Dustin Rhodes aka Goldust - Goldust has had a number of crappy matches over the years at Wrestlemania and he lost them all. That's bad enough to make this list.

4. Booker T - Booker T was only occasionally put in a good position during his years in the WWE, and his appearances at the biggest show of the year seem to reflect that. He had a shitty feud with Edge over a shampoo commercial in 2002. He lost to Triple H for the WWE Championship in 2003 in a borderline racist angle with a forgettable blowoff at Wrestlemania. He was in a forgettable, get-everyone-on-the-card match in 2004. He was left off the main show in 2005 and was reduced to winning the pre-show Battle Royal. In 2006, he and Sharmell lost to the BOOGEYMAN. Finally, in 2007, in by far the best match of his Wrestlemania career, he failed to win Money in the Bank. Overall, Booker T, one of the most charismatic performers of the 2000's, had mostly forgettable and/or meaningless showings at the biggest wrestling show of the year. 

3. John Bradshaw Layfield - Bradshaw competed in many forgettable Wrestlemania matches from 1997 to 2004, and then he competed in two matches that should have been good but he brought them down tremendously. JBL's match with John Cena in 2005 was an incredibly dull affair that he dominated almost for the entirety of the bout. JBL then had a below average match with Chris Benoit in 2006. While Benoit was not at his peak in 2006, clearly he could still was having good matches with everybody…just not JBL. After a brief retirement, JBL came back for two more forgettable matches. He defeated Finlay in 2008 in the conclusion to the Hornswoggle's Father angle. In 2009, he career ended when he was squashed by Rey Mysterio.

2. The Big Show - One could argue that the best match Big Show has ever had at Wrestlemania was against Floyd Mayweather, which tells you all you need to know about his match quality at the biggest wrestling event of the year. Not only has he had very few matches worth watching, but also from a kayfabe standpoint, he has done terribly at Wrestlemania. A lot of people would consider The Big Show's career to be a disappointment, and I think that that disappointment can be viewed in a nutshell in his performances at Wrestlemania.

1. Kane - Kane has had a bunch of just nothing matches over the years at Wrestlemania. Besides some solid performances in a handful of Money in the Bank matches, Kane has nothing to hang his hat on when it comes to Wrestlemania matches. 12 Wrestlemania matches and he never had a special performance.

The rest of the 411 Staff Entries are here:

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Shaq vs. The Big Show at Wrestlemania?

Retired basketball superstar, Shaquille O'Neal recently said in a radio interview that he is in "talks" for a match with The Big Show at Wrestlemania 2012.

Views from the Hawke's Nest: I don't know how I feel about this.  First off, The Rock vs. John Cena should put the WWE over a million buys this year (unless they botch the build even worse than they have done so far).  Second, this seems like something that will distract from all the other matchups.  I think I would prefer if they had Shaq wrestle in a tag match at Summerslam, but that may just be me.  Also, a lot of wrestlers who work full-time are probably going to be pissed off that another Wrestlemania spot is going to an "outsider."

What do you guys think?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tough Enough 2011 episode 3 review

No real larger point to cover this week, except that the show continues to be entertaining as hell. Oh, and I can't believe Ryan survived two bottom 3s.

random thoughts on the 3rd episode: