Friday, April 13, 2012

PSA: Jon Harder's The Hardway Podcast with...ME!

The thirty-first edition of the Hardway Podcast is online! Join Jon Harder as he interviews T.J. Hawke from! Jon and T.J. discuss why the site was created, as well as being a columnist for! This is definitely a unique listen for someone looking to help out independent wrestling, and T.J. definitely shows his love for the business!

Also, Too Hot Steve Scott left Jon a voicemail a few days ago and if you thought Steve's insanity ran rampant before, this message from "the Hotness Monster" puts him over the edge!

Furthermore, Britt Da Witt's debuting Hardway Update, Jim Boy Star's Star Mix of the Week, Ray Ray Marz's Awesomely Bad Promo of the Week with Val Venis and Viscera are all alive and well! Plus, some news on Stan "the Man" Stylez and his future, and is Jon nuts for offering Giant Tiger from ISW an opportunity for an interview for the Hardway?

Alongside Tim Hughes, join Jon as he brings you THE HARDWAY! Check it out! - The official home of the Hardway Podcast, the Catchin' Up With Cayden webseries, and the Blog of Professionalism


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