Wednesday, April 4, 2012

PSA: The Hardway Podcast with guest: Leon St. Giovanni

The thirtieth edition of the Hardway Podcast is online! Join Jon Harder as he has not ONE but TWO guests on the Hardway this week! First, alongside new sidekick "Good News" Tim Hughes, Jon talks to Leon St. Giovanni about several topics including...

- His blog on

- The match from this weekend with Beyond Wrestling

- Things that need to be tinkered within the Professional Revolution

- The next steps within the career of #LSG

AND SO MUCH MORE! Definitely a funny interview!

Plus, Jon sat down a few days prior with Dan Murdoch a few days before and had to ask him about his ACE return and his losing streak upon entering the company in December of 2011. Also, WHY IS MURDOCH TEAMING WITH TOO HOT STEVE SCOTT?

Also, Jim Boy Star with Star Mix of the Week with the Ultimate Warrior, Ray Ray Marz's Awesomely Bad Promo of the Week with Jake "the Snake" Roberts and a NEW SEGMENT IS DEBUTING WITH BRITT DA WITT! Listen to what it will entail. That and SO MUCH MORE THIS WEEK ON THE HARDWAY PODCAST! - The home of the Hardway Podcast, the Blog of Professionalism, and Catchin' Up With Cayden starring Chris Cayden!


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