Sunday, March 18, 2012

PWG World's Finest Prediction Roundtable Madness Results!

Obviously, there were some last minute changes to the World’s Finest Card.  As such, we did our best to do some last minute predictions:

Avalon vs. Steen
Everyone but @ToeNailUrFace (who never responded) picked Steen. 

Rosas vs. Cage
@MFMad picked Rosas, @ToeNailUrFace didn’t respond and everyone else picked Cage.

The Young Bucks vs. Super Smash Bros. vs. RockNES Monsters
After the 4-way match got changed into a 3-way, @KiKrusher99 switched his pick to the RockNES Monsters. 

El Generico© vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Kevin Steen
No one changed their prediction (everyone picked Generico) for the World Title match.

Before looking at the results, remember to check our predictions.

Here is the Prediction Crew again [click on their handles to follow them on Twitter, as you all should]
The Prediction Team:
@MFMadMr. 1859/WWE Tag Champ: @MFMad and could still out entertain anyone in that place. Axl Rose was the last cool white guy. 
@ToeNailUrFace: Pro make believer. Bringing sleazy back. 
@KiKrusher99: A gifted Japanese performer, @KiKrusher99 proudly carries the spirit of the Land of the Rising Sun as he competes with WWE's ring warriors around the globe.  
@SoufCentrol: Philadelphia sketch comedian and professional wrestling referee. His daddy is proud.
An in-ring monster weighing 360 pounds, WWE Superstar @TheRealLobes towers over the majority of his opponents at 6 feet 8 inches tall. 
@I_Am_Hollywood: JP Nichols is currently mad at OZ. Often confused with Batman. Once tipped a stripper with a filet-o-fish.  He is also one of the good people behind
@TJHawke411Ministry of Propaganda for professional wrestler UltraMantis Black. Empty the cages xvx. 暗闇の皇帝ウルトラマンカマキリ]
@typicalROHfanSpike TV (US), Challenge (UK) & Colors (India) Presenter. Live Event Host. Social Media Pioneer. Internationally known. Locally respected.

World’s Finest Results:

@MFMad 5 of 8 correct.
@I_Am_Hollywood 6 of 8 correct
@KiKrusher99 4 of 8 correct
@TJHawke411 5 of 8 correct
@typicalROHfan 6 of 8 correct
@ToeNailUrFace  2 of 6 correct

Overall Standings

# of Picks Correct
@I_Am_Hollywood 14 of 21 correct 
@TJHawke411 13 of 21 correct 

@MFMad 12 of 21 correct. 
@KiKrusher99 11 of 20 correct
@typicalROHfan 6 of 8 correct 
@SoufCentrol 6 of 10 correct 
@ToeNailUrFace 5 of 12 correct 
@TheRealLobes 2 of 4 correct

% of Picks Correct
@TJHawke411 61.9%
@MFMad  57.1%

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