Wednesday, March 14, 2012

PWG World's Finest Prediction Roundtable Madness!

Welcome one and all to the third PWG Predictions Roundtable!  This month, we predict: World's Finest! 

Go to the PWG Website for more information on how to attend this event.  Make sure you support PWG by buying their DVDs.  Every show from 2011 ranged from great to fantastic.  I honestly can say, that you won't be disappointed in any of the 10 shows from last year. 

The Prediction Team:
@MFMadMr. 1859/WWE Tag Champ: @MFMad and could still out entertain anyone in that place. Axl Rose was the last cool white guy. 
@ToeNailUrFace: Pro make believer. Bringing sleazy back. 
@KiKrusher99: A gifted Japanese performer, @KiKrusher99 proudly carries the spirit of the Land of the Rising Sun as he competes with WWE's ring warriors around the globe.  
@SoufCentrol: Philadelphia sketch comedian and professional wrestling referee. His daddy is proud.
@TheRealLobes: An in-ring monster weighing 360 pounds, WWE Superstar @TheRealLobes towers over the majority of his opponents at 6 feet 8 inches tall. 
@I_Am_Hollywood: JP Nichols is currently mad at OZ. Often confused with Batman. Once tipped a stripper with a filet-o-fish.  He is also one of the good people behind
@TJHawke411Ministry of Propaganda for professional wrestler UltraMantis Black. Empty the cages xvx. 暗闇の皇帝ウルトラマンカマキリ]
@typicalROHfanSpike TV (US), Challenge (UK) & Colors (India) Presenter. Live Event Host. Social Media Pioneer. Internationally known. Locally respected.

(We are a few team members short this time.  Sadly, we do all have lives and it's not possible to do it every time.)

Onto the predictions!

Appetite for Destruction (Kevin Steen & Super Dragon) vs. The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson) vs. Super Smash Bros. (Player Uno & Player Dos) vs. The RockNES Monsters (Johnny Goodtime & Johnny Yuma)

@ToeNailUrFace: What a fun and unpredictable match to headline an event named after a Fundraiser Chocolate bar! We all know AoD and The Young Bucks have great chemistry together. We all know the SSB and RockNES Monsters tore down the house last year. Is this match going to be technical match of the year? Hell no but it's going to be fun. Just imagine possible match ups between Player Uno and Kevin Steen; Yuma and Super Dragon; Bucks and SSB pose off; the possibilities of fun is endless and this is why PWG is the best wrestling in the Universe. This is definitely going to be a warm-up of what we can expect for DDT4 2012 next month.
Winner: The RockNES Monsters so they go to DDT4 hot and as favorites

@MFMad: I think the tag titles should be on the line, but since they are not, I hope they defend them in every DDT4 match. This match will be crazy, Some of the best tag teams in the world today not only in one match, but in one match in Reseda, CA. A place known for it's quantities of crazy bat shit. Rick Knox in gonna have a tough time with this one.
Winner: RockNES Monsters

@Kikrusher99: This should be crazy. If it’s for the belts Appetite for Destruction will win. If it's non-title, they'll probably win anyway.
Winner: I'd hope RockNES pick up a huge win here but I got a feeling Appetite for Destruction will win. This match should be insane and all over the place.

@TJHawke411: This main event is kind of random, and I was initially surprised that it wasn’t for the title.  However, the Super Smash Bros. have yet to win a match in PWG (so it wouldn’t really make sense for them to be getting a title shot), and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them pick up the win here by defeating one of the champs.  For my money, the only other option that makes sense is the RockNES Monsters winning.  The Bucks don’t really gain anything by winning, and the same goes for the champs.  Basically, I’ll be surprised and disappointed if the Monsters of SSB don’t win.  Almost needless to say, this match will be great.  As usual, this main event makes me jealous of all the people of Reseda.
Winner: The RockNES Monsters

@typicalROHfan:  This is going to be mind blowingly wonderful.  It reminds me of possibly my favorite PWG match - The Young Bucks vs. Paul London and El Generico vs. The Cutlers. If you haven't seen that yet, FIND IT.  I think RockNES Monsters are going to become the PWG tag champs very soon and with this one being a nontitle, I'd be confident in them winning but it also leaves the door open for the Super Smash Brothers getting the pin to get momentum and more credibility going to the DDT tournament. The more I think of it, the more I think Super Smash Bros will get the victory. But that doesn't even matter to me. This will be amazing fun.
Winner: Super Smash Bros.

@I_Am_Hollywood: This should be a fantastic main event with four of the best teams in the world today (even if one of them has had two matches so far as a unit!) With the push that they have been receiving, I expect RockNES to come out on top to have them looking strong heading into DDT4. SSB are an outside candidate too, considering they have yet to get anything in the W column, although I am confident that RockNES will come out on top, perhaps via pinning the Bucks.
Winner: RockNES Monsters

Group Verdict: The RockNES Monsters (4), Appetite for Destruction (1), Super Smash Bros. (1)

El Generico© vs. Eddie "Eddie Edwards" Edwards for the PWG World Title

@ToeNailUrFace: El Generico and E4 (note to TJ: You called him that, not me) had a great match last year for PWG and I expect the same here. Eddie comes alive for the PWG crowd and El Generico always has great matches. I don't expect E4 to win the title here with no build whatsoever except that E4 beat Generico. 
Winner: El Generico retains

@MFMad: I have no doubts this will be a great match, I just don't see Generico losing it, which makes me have little interest in this match, compared to other matches on the card.
Winner: El Generico

@Kikrusher99: This should be a great title defense for Generico. Edwards will bring it in this match but the Generic Luchador is gonna hold this belt for over a year, or until he faces Super Dragon at Threemendous III (fingers crossed).
Winner: Generico will drop Edwards on his head Brainbuatah style

@TJHawke411: This World Title match reminds me of the Steen’s defense against Davey Richards.  It’s the first defense for the champ and it’s against somebody that in no way should win (not about ability, it just wouldn’t make sense for Eddie to win now, or for Davey to have won last September), but at the same time, I’m sure this match will be quite good.  These two had a great match at the 2011 All-Star Weekend.  Eddie won that match and has never lost a singles match in PWG, so in that sense, Eddie is a great challenger.  All in all, this match will be great, but the winner is relatively obvious.
Winner: El Generico

@typicalROHfan:  This match has happened  a few times but not enough where I can still look forward to it. Nice to see the title on the line and it's basically a guarantee at this point that El Generico will put on a great showing every show so he and Eddie "Eddie Edwards" Edwards could put put up a match of the year candidate.
Winner: El Generico

@I_Am_Hollywood: Their match at ASW8 Night 2 last year was one of the more overshadowed great matches from PWG last year. They had a very good match in ROH as well, so one should know what to expect in this pair's third outing. With that said, Edwards has no chance in getting the title. 
Winner: El Generico

Group Verdict: El Generico (5-0)

Willie Mack vs. Roderick Strong

@ToeNailUrFace: This may be the most important match of the night as the winner can easily be considered the #1 Contender for El Generico's title. Both wrestlers are on a hot streak and are over with PWG fans. I fully expect Willie to go to the 9th Annerversary show in the main event and to go for the title however winning the #1 contender now might be too early because we may have a show or two more between DDT4 and 9th Anniversary show. With that said, this will be a stiff match and both will be over but I expect Roddy to win in a very close contest. 
Winner: Roderick Strong becomes #1 contender

@MFMad: I can't wait to see this rematch, I just watched their first match again not to long ago and damn it's brutal. Roddy is gonna be more prepared for Mack this time, but I think Willie's momentum right now is unstoppable.
Winner: Willie Mack

@Kikrusher99: Match of the night right here. Willie is headed toward the top of PWG and his first encounter with Roddy is what started it all. Strong is gonna chop the fuck outta Willie  but in the end it's gonna be Chocolate Thunder time.
Winner: Willie Mack

@TJHawke411: Mack’s breakout singles match in PWG was against Roddy (a little under a year ago).  Mack lost that match, but I’m confident that Mack will come up out on top this time, and then challenge Generico for the PWG World Title at DDT4.  Mack is beloved by the PWG crowd, and in the last year, he has defeated Kevin Steen, Ryan Taylor and Chris Hero (twice).  He is the chosen one to dethrone Generico this year.
Winner: Willie Mack

@typicalROHfan:  My guy Willie Mack! His matches have become must see and a high point on every show to me. Locking up with Roderick Strong one more time should give him more momentum as he continues to become more credible, more appreciated and closer to the PWG world title. 
Winner: Willie Mack

@I_Am_Hollywood: Last time these two met, it was in a day-of contest at Card Subject To Change III. At that point, that was essentially Willie Mack's breakout match and since then, he has gotten some big wins under his belt. Last time, Roderick was victorious, and I expect Mack to be victorious in this contest and likely get his shot at Generico at DDT4.
Winner: Willie Mack

Group Verdict: Willie Mack (5-1)

Kyle O’Reilly vs. Alex Koslov

@ToeNailUrFace: Mini Davey vs the returning Koslov. I know very little of Koslov except the standard "Top 10 moves of..." Youtube videos. He does look however extremely exciting and fun and I can't wait to see him live. Mini Davey is a bit on a hot streak thanks to ROH. He just turned Heel at their iPPV and I expect him to have plenty of heat at PWG for being so easily compared to Davey and the fact Davey left PWG in the cold again. I don't blame him, I spoke with TJ about it because I feel it was kind of shitty to cancel PWG for Japan but he has to do what he has to do. 
Winner: Mini-Davey

@MFMad: For some reason, I see this being a damn good match. Haven't seen much Alec Koslov in a while, but I can see these two bringing everything they got and leaving nothing behind.
Winner: Kyle O'Reilly

@Kikrusher99: Not sure what to expect but I think Kyle will defeat Koslov in his return.
Winner: Kyle O'Reilly

@TJHawke411: Some guys leave the WWE system, and look like they never left independent wrestling (Danielson, Bryan), while others slow down to the point where they lose a lot of the magic they used to have (London, Paul).  I was never a big fan of Alex Koslov before he went to the WWE, but my guess is he’s going to be very motivated to impress here.
Winner: Kyle O’Reilly

@typicalROHfan:  Despite ragging on Davey, I was really looking forward to him being in this match vs. Kyle O'Reilly but with NJPW dates, things had to change. The return of Alex Koslov to the indy scene after getting cut by WWE should be really cool and their styles could mesh for what I am thinking of as a potential show stealer.
Winner: Kyle O'Reilly

@I_Am_Hollywood: This might be my most anticipated match of the night. I have had the pleasure of seeing a lot of Alex Koslov during his time in FCW, but unfortunately during that period, he never really got to have the great match that I'd expect out of him (although he did apparently get to wrestle Seth Rollins at a few house shows that I did not attend.) I expect him to shine here and am very interested to see how he and Kyle work together.
Winner: Kyle O'Reilly

Group Verdict: Kyle O’Reilly (6-0)   

Scorpio Sky vs. TJ Perkins

@ToeNailUrFace: This is going to be fun. I can see Scorpio using some of the MMA stuff he has learned verses TJP. This will be a high flying and hard hitting match that I am looking forward to. Nothing else needs to be said here.
Winner: TJ Perkins

@MFMad: This match will be sick, very technical, very stiff shots. 
Winner: Scorpio Sky

@Kikrusher99: This should be a fun and fast paced match. I think Perkins is on fire in PWG right now and I don't see that flame extinguishing now. Then again Sky can never be counted out. Should be great.
Winner: TJP via submission

@TJHawke411: These two have been battling it out for months…on Twitter.  Both guys have a lot of MMA training (Sky even has a 1-0 career record!), and I expect them to try to do a lot of technical stuff early on.  However, the sooner these two pick up the pace, the better the match will probably be.  I think if this is a fast-paced match around 8-10 minutes, this could be really fun.  If they try to stretch it out so that it is closed to 15 minutes, I don’t know how well it will come off.
Winner: TJP

@typicalROHfan:  If you are one of the eight or nine of us to witness the hilarious interaction/argument/debate or whatever you'd like to call it  after a PPV boxing result between Scorpio Sky and TJ Perkins on Twitter, we called for a boxing match on a PWG show. While it won't be a boxing match, it should be an enjoyable match.
Winner: TJ Perkins

@I_Am_Hollywood: This should be a very fun contest. I have not kept up with their interaction on Twitter, but I guess they have been in a heavy MMA debate. Regardless, this match should deliver and unlike in ROH, I think TJ has a chance of winning a match here. Due to The Dynasty being in DDT4 though, I feel like Scorpio will end up getting the win.
Winner: Scorpio Sky

Group Verdict: TJ Perkins (4-2)

Candice LeRae vs. Joey Ryan

@ToeNailUrFace: Nothing says fun for PWG as a Candice LeRae vs Joey Ryan match. You can expect enough sleeze in this match that even if this is the opening contest, we will need a 10 minute intermission to wipe it off the mat. I expect Joey at his sleeziest and Candice to put up with it until she gets the upperhand. Hopefully the match doesn't go on too long. 
Winner: Candice LeRae picks up a surprise win

@MFMad: Hard to say someting about a match we've seen so many times, maybe Human Tornado will come back to aide Candice.
Winner: Candice LeRae

@Kikrusher99: Don't care about this match anymore because it's happened so many times. If Candice wins, nothing happens. If Joey wins, nothing happens.
Winner: Joey but it really doesn’t matter

@TJHawke411: These two have a lot of history and have good chemistry, but as @KiKrusher99 said, what happens for the winner?  I am sure this will be fun if it doesn’t go too long.  I hoe Candice wins.
Winner: Candice LeRae 

@typicalROHfan:  Definitely will be entertaining.  Candice LaRae beating up Joey Ryan is only second to Candice LaRae beating up Peter Avalon. Obviously this will be entertaining and provide great comedy, which I always love on a wrestling show.  I think they'll go off the road and have Candice win for a fun moment.
Winner: Candice LaRae

@I_Am_Hollywood: Should be good as usual with their interaction. I expect Candice to win and cause Ryan to be the one of the two members of The Dynasty to receive an L for the evening.
Winner: Candice LeRae

Group Verdict: Candice LeRae (5-1)

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