Wednesday, March 28, 2012

PSA: The Hardway Podcast: Rob Fury

The twenty-ninth edition of the Hardway Podcast is online! Join Jon Harder as he talks to Rob Fury! A stalwart in the BWO and currently residing in ACE, Rob brings a different perspective to the table and lays it all out there in his typical "Arrogant Superstar" way. Some of these topics are touched throughout the interview:

- The origins behind the "Arrogant Super Star" gimmick and the infamous Batman tattoo

- Training at the original Doghouse

- An incident with Low-Ki that needs to be heard!

- The infamous hit-and-run accident that almost derailed Rob's life

- Returning to the ring

AND SO MUCH MORE! Rob really delivers this interview in his own unique way and it has to be heard!

Plus, Jon raises the serious question: Did his interview with Bobby Fish get "Big in Japan" into Dragon Gate USA and throws a funny offer at DGUSA booker Gabe Sapolsky.

Also, JON HAS A SIDEKICK ON THE HARDWAY! Who is it? Listen for some "Good News".

Finally, Jim Boy Star with the Star Mix of the Week with Ric Flair and the Awesomely Bad Promo of the Week with Colt Cabana! The Hardway is online! CHECK IT OUT!!! - The home of the Hardway Podcast and the latest "Catchin' Up With Cayden" with Chris Cayden! Guests include Chris Raze, Brandon Gold and HATCH STEVENS???!!!


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