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PWG Kurt RussellReunion III Prediction Roundtable Madness!

Yep, we are back again.  We had such a fun time predicting Fear that we couldn’t resist predicting Kurt Russellreunion as well!  In case you forgot, here are the predictions we made for Fear, and here is how everyone did.

Go to the PWG Website for more information on how to attend this event.  Make sure you support PWG by buying their DVDs.  Every show from 2011 ranged from great to fantastic.  I honestly can say, that you won't be disappointed in any of the 10 shows from last year.

Also, if you have a moment, check out my 411mania.com review of PWG's most recent show, Fear. 

The Prediction Team:
@MFMadMr. 1859/WWE Tag Champ: @MFMad and could still out entertain anyone in that place. Axl Rose was the last cool white guy. 
@ToeNailUrFace: Pro make believer. Bringing sleazy back. 
@KiKrusher99: A gifted Japanese performer, @KiKrusher99 proudly carries the spirit of the Land of the Rising Sun as he competes with WWE's ring warriors around the globe.  
@SoufCentrol: Philadelphia sketch comedian and professional wrestling referee. His daddy is proud.
@TheRealLobes: An in-ring monster weighing 360 pounds, WWE Superstar @TheRealLobes towers over the majority of his opponents at 6 feet 8 inches tall. 
@I_Am_Hollywood: JP Nichols is currently mad at OZ. Often confused with Batman. Once tipped a stripper with a filet-o-fish.  He is also one of the good people behind www.freeadmissionfr.com
@TJHawke411Ministry of Propaganda for professional wrestler UltraMantis Black. Empty the cages xvx. 暗闇の皇帝ウルトラマンカマキリ]

Both @I_Am_Hollywood and @TheRealLobes will be attending this event.  Those Lucky Fucks.

On to the predictions!  (and yes, I know there is weird formatting/spacing issues.  no excuse to say except Blogger can really be annoying at times.  Also, @ToeNailUrFace should have his predictions in soon, but he is swamped at the moment.  Finally, we started doing this before the full card was announced, so @TheRealLobes & @SoufCentrol don’t have predictions for the last two matches announced.)

Six-Man Tag Team Never-In-Your-Wildest-Dreams Match II
Super DragonKevin Steen, & Akira Tozawa vs. El Generico, "The Man That Gravity Forgot" PAC, & Masato Yoshino
@MFMad: I think bat shit crazy will define any match with Super Dragon and Kevin Steen from now on. Add Tozawa to the mix and what's crazier than bat shit? African albino bat shit? Shakaka!
Prediction: Dragon x Steen x Tozawa

@I_Am_Hollywood: I never want to come across as someone like this, but in some ways, I almost feel responsible for (as Kevin Steen titled them to me) "The Unit" of Super Dragon, Kevin Steen, and Akira Tozawa being formed. A couple months ago, I was randomly thinking about King of Trios 2012 and with Super Dragon having just returned, and him and Steen challenging for the PWG Tag Team Titles having been confirmed, it gave me a thought. Last year when the DDT4 card was confirmed, many were calling the Nightmare Violence Connection of Kevin Steen & Akira Tozawa the best team ever. In my mind, the team of Appetite for Destruction of Super Dragon and Kevin Steen was arguably the best team ever, just considering the circumstances of everything. I then had the idea of if these two teams were to combine, they very well could be the most unstoppable force of not only the planet, but the universe! With that said, due to Chikara having left KOT2012 TBD, and even if it wasn't, it seems very doubtful that they would allow a man like Kevin Steen to grace his well-known and well-feared presence at their shows again, so there truly is no other place for a trio like this to exist besides Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. Between this trio having the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Tag Team Champions and the equivalent of their top dog in Akira Tozawa, one would think that they would indeed be unstoppable, but that is before their opponents stepped in of the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Champion and Battle of Los Angeles 2011 winner El Generico and the former Dragon Gate USA Open The United Gate Champions of PAC & Masato Yoshino. There are no real words to describe just how insane this match is going to be. The phrase "actions speak louder than words" was made for a match like this. If the LAX Hilton is even able to contain this match transpiring, I would be shocked. With that said, this is going to be nothing short of out of this world and is a perfect way to cap off what is likely to be not just an amazing show, but an amazing weekend all around at Wrestlereunion. 
Prediction: Insanity. As for a winner, "The Unit" of Super Dragon, Kevin Steen, & Akira Tozawa

@TheRealLobes:  I wish I knew a language that would allow me to express how I feel about this match. This will be the main event on my second ever indy show, first in the front row. Kevin Steen versus El Generico (Final Battle '10) was the first independent match I ever saw, and thus both are huge reasons why I watch independent pro wrestling at all. Akira Tozawa is, well, Akira Tozawa. Plus Super Dragon, PAC, & Yoshino? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Prediction:  My head explodes during the match and this roundtable is the last meaningful thing I ever do.

@kikrusher99: this should be fast paced and brutal. It will be good to see Tozawa again in a PWG ring as well as PAC and Yoshino. It should be good to see how Super Dragon wrestles in a more "regular" match as opposed to the guerrilla warfare match of last month that was like a street fight. I also wonder if having  all the champs in this match is to allow for new belts to be made?!?
Prediction: Tozawa gets the win in front of the PWG crowd

@SoufCentrol: I think this is going to be a great match and brutal as well
Prediction: Dragon, Steen and Tozawa

@TJHawke411: This match represents the advantage PWG currently has in the independent wrestling marketplace. Because of the child-like bickering between Dragon Gate and ROH, a match as special as this can seemingly not happen anywhere but PWG now.  And what a match it will be.  I am so jealous of the people who are going to see this live, because I am expecting these 6 crazy fucks to go all out for 20-30 minutes, and it has a good chance of being the best PWG match of 2012.
Prediction: Tozawa/Steen/Dragon

Final Verdict: Tozawa/Steen/Dragon (5-0)

Dream Tag Team Match
Blood Warriors (CIMA & Ricochet) vs. RockNES Monsters (Johnny Goodtime & Johnny Yuma)

@MFMad: This looks good on paper, but in live action, it just might be one of the best matches of the night. Make sense?
Prediction: RockN.E.S. Monsters

@I_Am_Hollywood: This is a pretty fantastic match on paper. The RockNES Monsters were arguably my favorite tag team top to bottom for PWG last year, and CIMA & Ricochet have been tearing it up everywhere they go. I feel like the crowd is going to be 100% behind RockNES considering how much the Blood Warriors like to "Boo" their fans. I feel like the RockNES will put up a great fight, but in the end, the Blood Warriors will come out on top.
Prediction: Blood Warriors

@TheRealLobes: This match is probably the one I'm most looking forward to (outside of the main event, of course). Goodtime and Yuma have really impressed me in the last year in PWG. Their commitment to the (arguably kinda lame) RockNES Monsters gimmick is great, Yuma bumps like a champ, and Goodtime is a fantastic strong, silent type who can really go in the ring. CIMA and Ricochet are one of the best tag teams in the world right now, as well as the two singles champs in Dragon Gate and the tag team champs in DGUSA. The pace of this match will be off of the charts, but based on all of the gold worn by CIMA and Ricochet, it doesn't look good for the hometown heroes.
Prediction:  CIMA hits Yuma with Meteora, followed by a Ricochet 630 and the pin.

@kikrusher99: this should be a great match, maybe even match of the night. Ive seen CIMA and Ricochet as a team in Dragon Gate and they work very well as a team. I think that we could see Blood Warriors in DDT4 this year, whether it be this team or a combo including Tozawa. A win here vs the Monsters may lead to a spot in DDT4. However, RockNES is on fire in PWG so idk. 
Prediction: Blood Warriors with the W

@SoufCentrol: I'm really looking forward to this match, I expect RockNes to be on their game
Prediction: RockNes Monsters

@TJHawke411: The Spiked Mohicans were one of the best teams of 2011, and as a result, this may be the biggest test for the Monsters to date.  The Monsters were consistently good all throughout 2011, but this will be their biggest match yet.  In my opinion, the Monsters have never had more pressure to have a great performance, and I am confidant that this match will deliver the goods.  I would love to see the Monsters win, but…
Prediction: The Spiked Mohicans

Final Verdict: The Spiked Mohicans of Blood Warriors (4-2)

Singles Match (I'm just going to go ahead and correct PWG's labeling of this match).

Stiff as Fuck Match
Masaaki Mochizuki vs. Roderick Strong

@MFMad: Don't know anything about Roddy's opponent (sad isn't it) but I know a lot about Roderick Strong, he chops people.

Prediction: Roderick Strong

@I_Am_Hollywood: Much like the main event, now-a-days, there is no other place for a match like this to take place besides Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and what a match this is. Masaaki Mochizuki, fresh off of just losing the Open The Dream Gate Title to CIMA at Dragon Gate's "Final Gate" show vs. a former Ring of Honor World Champion in Roderick Strong. If there is one thing to predict about this match it is "stiff." Between Mochizuki's kicks and Roderick's chops, there is no doubt to be a lot of "ooh's" and "aah's" throughout the building. However, both men are very skilled technical wrestlers as well. Mochizuki is someone who I considered to be one of the more underrated picks for wrestler of the year last year, and Roderick Strong is in my opinion always underrated for being quite skilled in the ring. This should be quite awesome, but I do expect Mochizuki to come out of this with the W.
Prediction: Masaaki Mochizuki

@TheRealLobes: I'm concerned that, sitting in the front row, the sound of these two stiffing each other may rupture my eardrums. If this match were on iPPV, you could play a drinking game based on the number of kicks and chops dealt out. In fact, I may do so in person.
Prediction:  Mochizuki via stiff (as fuck) kick to Strong's head

@kikrusher99: I watched Mochizuki kick the shit outta Tozawa in a DG match and he was impressive. And we've all seen Strong chop mother fuckers down. This should be a stiff match that should be a fun match to see. 
Prediction: I think Mochizuki will win and maybe lead to a return to PWG in the future.

@SoufCentrol: This is going to be a stiff match. I'm not sure if Roddy can pull this one thru
Prediction: Masaaki Mochizuki

@TJHawke411: Only in PWG!  These two are either going to go for the gradual build in a 20-25 minute match, or it is just going to be a 12-15 minute chop and kick fest.  I’m really okay with either option.  Mochizuki was the ageless wonder in 2011, and Roderick is arguably at the top of his game right now.  If the main event wasn’t such a guarantee to be great, I would say these two have the opportunity to the steal the show (and frankly, they may still do so).
Prediction: Mochizuki (but I am pulling for Roddy because I would like to see him get a title shot in 2012)

Final Verdict: Masaaki Mochizuki (5-1)

Tag Team Rematch

American Wolves (Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards) vs. The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)

@MFMad: I'm a fan of pretty much any Young Bucks match. This match will be very stiff, with A LOT of kicks, super and otherwise.
Prediction: The Young Bucks

@I_Am_Hollywood: Initially, I was not entirely thrilled when this match was signed. These teams have had a few matches, one on ROH on HDNet that I found vastly overrated, one in the middle of ROH 2010 that I liked, and their DDT4 match from last year that I liked as well. However, with the dynamic that both teams have currently, I fully expect this to be great. The Bucks should hopefully try to be more serious than usual considering they are just coming off of their loss of the PWG Tag Titles, but the Wolves are likely going to blow through them. Permitting that DDT4 is the next show, I feel that the Wolves will get past The Bucks here and then get through DDT4 to the finals before likely succumbing to Appetite For Destruction. Regardless, this is yet another match that should be awesome, but the Wolves will come out on top.
Prediction: American Wolves

@TheRealLobes:  Two guys who don't sell anything, versus two of the best sellers around? The setup seems obvious, but the fact that the Bucks were tossed around Reseda last month by Steen & Super Dragon leads me to believe this one will be a bit more even. At least as far as getting offense in goes. Davey & Eddie still aren't going to sell shit.
Prediction:  The Bucks steal one from the Wolves via some sort of dastardly heelish deed. Davey gets on the mic afterward to put over the Bucks, Eddie, Team Ambition, PWG, the crowd, Wrestlereunion and, most of all, how hard he tries and how much he cares!

@kikrusher99: I'm gonna say "same old shit" here. ROH has ran this match and I think it's the second time here in PWG. However it's still a good match-up. And with no belts on the line, the Wolves may beat the Bucks here. 
Prediction: I hope the Young Bucks win for the fact that I think the AmWolves may have more victories over the Young Bucks. 

@SoufCentrol: This match will be insane. I'm going against the grain and sticking with my boys
Prediction: Young Bucks

@TJHawke411: Much like JP, I was slightly disappointed when this match was announced.  It just feels like a match that we have a 1000 times before.  However, in all likelihood, this match should be quite great.  I expect the winner of this match to be the next challenger for the Tag Titles, and I am hoping that it turns out to be the Wolves who get the next shot.
Prediction: The American Wolves

Final Verdict: The Young Bucks (4-2)

Singles Match
Naruki Doi vs. Willie Mack

@MFMad: I want so bad to be there live mostly for this match. Willie Mack just keeps proving himself to some of the top guys on the indys, Naruki Doi will be a challenge, but this match will be deff be on PWG Sells Out 3.
Prediction: Naruki Doi

@I_Am_Hollywood: Willie Mack has gotten a bunch of "tests" over the last year in PWG through his contests with Chris Hero, Roderick Strong, and Davey Richards. However, I'd say that this is his biggest opportunity to date as he is going up against Naruki Doi, the man who held the Open The Dream Gate Championship for a total of 449 days. I feel like their chemistry is going to be really on point or very iffy. I'm certainly hoping for the former, because Mack is one of my favorite guys to watch now-a-days and Doi is just fantastic. I'd love to see Mack get the upset victory here, but I see him just missing out to Doi using his experience to his advantage.
Prediction: Naruki Doi

@TheRealLobes Willie Mack's climb up the card continues. Notable matches late in 2011 with El Generico, Davey Richards, and two wins over Chris Hero have Mack looking strong in 2012. While Doi's experience and strength will be a challenge, it's obvious who is going over here.
Prediction:  Willie Mack gets another victory over a big name wrestler to continue pushing him towards his destiny; BOLA 2012 winner, PWG champ by 2013.

@kikrusher99: This may be the biggest match Willie has had. Doi is the guy I often get confused with Yoshino but he is quick as well. And Mack has been heading toward the top of PWG. A win here may give Mack the push toward a title match; a match he deserves. 
Prediction: Willie Mack

@SoufCentrol: Another match that will bring the house down. Willie just beat Chris Hero and is on a roll
Prediction: Willie Mack

@TJHawke411: Since debuting for PWG late in 2010, Willie Mack has defeated Kevin Steen, Chris Hero (twice), and he has gone toe to toe with Davey Richards and El Generico.   And most importantly, as was evident at Fear, Willie Mack is hugely popular with the PWG fans.  I would love to see Mack win this match, but something tells me that former Dream Gate champion is not going down.  Much like JP, I feel like these two will either have fantastic chemistry or they are going to be on different pages.  Regardless of the result, I expect and hope that Mack gets a World Title Shot sometime in 2012.
Prediction: Naruki Doi

Final Verdict: A Tie! (3-3)

Singles Match

BxB Hulk vs. Jimmy Susumu (formerly Susumu Yokosuka)

@MFMad: BxB Hulk is the only one I'm familiar with, but I don't doubt this will be an amazing match
Prediction: BxB Hulk

@I_Am_Hollywood: I can't recall these two really having a one-on-one match in DG Japan, but I am sure I am wrong there. I sort of wish that both of these two got to face some US talent instead, but this match should still be fun regardless and is really a stronger equivalent of Bucanero/Aguila from KRR2 last year. I feel like BxB Hulk will get the victory due to the lack of heelish victories on the show.
Prediction: BxB Hulk

@TheRealLobes I'm not into anime, so I've never quite gotten BxB Hulk's character. Then again, I'm not sure he has, either.
Prediction:  Lots of offense, not so much selling. Hulk goes over via First Flash, which don't impress me much. I'm saving my energy for the rest of the card.

@kikrusher99: I've only seen a few matches of either of these guys, and I honestly know more about Susumu from Fire Pro than actual matches. 
Prediction: BxB Hulk

@SoufCentrol: Excited about this one. Its going to bee interesting to see how they do
Prediction: BxB Hulk

@TJHawke411: I’m pretty disappointed that these guys are facing each other instead of mixing it up with PWG guys.  That being said, if these guys are fully capable of tearing the roof off the place.  Hulk’s heel work is absolutely top notch, and Yokosuka is as solid as they come. 
Prediction: Bead & Breakfast Hulk

Final Verdict: BxB Hulk (6-0)

Tag Team Match
The Fightin' Taylor Boys vs Chris Kadillak/Famous B 

@MFMad: This should be a good one, the Taylor Boys have been around for a while, but all men have something to prove here. 
Prediction: The Fightin' Taylor Boys

@I_Am_Hollywood: The Fightin' Taylor Boys have been getting very awesome as of late. Famous B is one of the best locals from California based on what I have seen of him from NWA Hollywood, and from what I have seen from Chris Kadillak from Steen Wolf/FEAR, he is enjoyable as well. No way that Kadillak or B have a chance, but this will be a great case of bigger team bullying the smaller guys and still getting the win. I am hoping that if DDT4 is next, that the FTB at least make it through the first round and I really want to see them vs. The Wolves. 
Prediction: Fightin' Taylor Boys

@kikrusher99: Fightin' Taylor Boys are on a winning streak right now (1 win) and seemed to be elated about it back at Fear. Kadillak and Famous B have been very impressive so far. Idk how to call this one. 
Prediction: I'm gonna call it for the Taylor boys. They need wins.

@TJHawke411: The Taylors Boys have improved a lot in the last year, and I assume they are going to win this matchup.  Kadillak and Famous B have their first big opportunity in PWG, as they won’t be able to just do some cool shit in a clusterfuck.  They have impressed me so far, but they will have to step their game up here.
Prediction: The Fightin’ Taylor Boys

Final Verdict: Taylor Boys (4-0)

8-Person Tag Team Match
Mascarita Dorada/B-Boy/Cedric Alexander/Candice LeRae vs. DEMUS 316/Peter Avalon/Ray Rosas/Joey Ryan

@MFMad: This will be a pretty fun match, can't wait to see Joey Ryan lock up with Mascarita Dorada!
Prediction: Candice LeRae, B-Boy, Cedric Alexander & Mascarita Dorada

@I_Am_Hollywood: B-Boy is someone who I really wish got a singles match on this show as well, but what can you do. The 8-person tag on FEAR was a huge surprise to me in how entertaining and action packed it was. While I don't expect this one to get as wild in the action department, this will certainly be an entertaining contest. I feel like the faces will once again come out on top.
Prediction: Dorada/B-Boy/Cedric/Candice

@kikrusher99: Typical PWG 8man. Candice will be molested. Who the fuck is Demus 316?
Prediction: ???

@TJHawke411: Pretty much every big clusterfuck that PWG has done with Candice LeRae and Joey Ryan involved has been lots of fun.  I see no reason why this will be any different.  I’m really glad that Peter Avalon and Ray Rosas are getting a rub from being associated with Ryan.  Where is Scorpio Sky though?
Prediction: Team B-Boy

Final Verdict: Dorada/B-Boy/Cedric/Candice (3-0)

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