Thursday, June 23, 2011

Match Spotlight Series #18: Eddie Edwards vs. Austin Aries from International Challenge 2006 and Eddie Edwards vs. Jack Evans from Dedicated 2007

Eddie vs. Aries

Eddie vs. Jack

With Eddie Edwards facing his biggest challenge as ROH World Champion, facing Davey Richards, I am taking a look back at his first two matches in Ring of Honor.

Information for ordering the Best in the World iPPV can be found at

Matches Review:

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Predicted Wrestlemania 2012 Card

See you in August everyone! Last entry before I take off. The first two matches are pretty much garuanteed as far as I am concerned. Everything else is more of a pie in the sky guess. I'll do another prediction around Christmas probably.

John Cena vs. The Rock

HHH vs. The Undertaker (Last Man Standing)

Alberto Del Rio & Averno vs. Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara

Chris Jericho & Christian(c) vs. Daniel Bryan & Tyler Black

Sheamus(C) vs. Randy Orton (World Title)

The Miz(c) vs. John Morrison (WWE Title)

Ron Killings vs. Kofi Kingston

Dolph, Jack Swagger, Drew McIntyre, Zack Ryder vs. Evan Bourne, Big Show, Alex Reilly, Santino

Monday, June 20, 2011

ROH Best in the World 2011 Preview and Predictions

Also, check out my interviews with some ROH wrestlers: Davey Richards, Steve Corino, & Michael Elgin

Match Predictions:

Predicted Summerslam 2011 Card

One of the last features I wrote for the blog before my employment-forced 8 week hiatus, was a predicted card for Summerslam 2011. I'm doing this because I will return to the internet on the day of Summerslam 2011. So that's a good as reason as any. I wonder what matches I will watch when I come back that night.

John Cena(c) vs. Alberto Del Rio

Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton(c)

CM Punk vs. HHH

R-Truth vs. John Morrison

Daniel Bryan vs. Christian

Sin Cara vs. Averno

Alex Reilly vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Jack Swagger vs. Kofi Kingston

The Miz vs. Rey Mysterio

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Match Spotlight Series #17: Prince Devitt vs. Kenny Omega from NJPW Best of the Super Juniors 2011

This time we look at a match from this years Best of the Super Juniors. Prince Devitt won in 2010 but lost in the semi-finals this year. Kenny Omega has been a regular fixture in NJPW for a while now, which is why he hasn't been in PWG or ROH for over a year.

Match Review:

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Interview with Davey Richards of ROH, NJPW, & PWG

Best Wrestler in the World and a Man of Few Words

In Ring of Honor, Davey Richards travels from city to city and is showered with chants of "Best in the World" and "Next World Champ." He is a former ROH Tag Team Champion (one reign with Rocky Romero and one with Eddie Edwards), and he is going to receive one last world title shot against the current champion, Eddie Edwards, at ROH's next iPPV: Best in the World. Davey has had 4 previous oportunities to win the ROH World Title and they have all been excellent matches. However, Davey has never been able to win the World Title. Davey Richards has previously held the PWG Title and competes regularly in New Japan Pro Wrestling. He just recently made it to the semi-finals of the 2011 Best of the Super Juniors.

Davey Richards' official website is here:

You can order the ROH Best in the World iPPV here:

All the information on Ring of Honor can be found here:

For a recap of the build up to Davey vs. Eddie for the World Title, watch the following ROH Videowire starting at the 10:21 mark

The interview is after the jump:

Monday, June 13, 2011

DGUSA Open the Southern Gate 2011: Better Late Than Never PPV Flashback Report

I was not able to make time to purchase the DGUSA iPPVs from last weekend, and I considered myself lucky when I heard of the broadcast disaster that was Enter the Dragon 2011. DGUSA, being the smart promotion that it is, reconized the potential PR disaster this was as they had only recently launched their iPPV website,, and decided to do a make-good with those who ordered the Sunday iPPV: they offered those fans a chance to view Open the Southern Gate for free. They also allowed the rest of the fans the opportunity to purchase this show for $15 as if it was a iPPV replay (which is what I did). I hope DGUSA does this with any other shows that are not aired live because I much prefer the digital on-demand purchase of $15 compared to the $20 + shipping purchase of a DVD.

To order this show, you can sign up at here:

All information on Dragon Gate USA can be found at

Show Review:

Match Spotlight Series #16: Low Ki vs. Sami Callihan from JAPW World Wide Special

Jersey All Pro Wrestling has released a few matches for free on Youtube that I will hopefully be able to review shortly. The first match that I am looking at is Sami Callihan challenging the returning Low Ki (who was recently fired by WWE).

You can find all the information on JAPW that you need at

Thoughts on the match:

Sunday, June 12, 2011

AAW Path of Redempton 2011: Better Late Than Never PPV Flashback Report

A free Davey Richards Match...YES PLEASE!

Like many independent pro wrestling promotions, All American Wrestling (AAW), has started doing internet PPVs. Their first iPPV was Epic 2011. That event can be purchased at

To promote their switch to iPPV, AAW aired three title matches from their 2011 show, Path of Redemption, free of charge on GoFightLive.TV. I reviewed those three matches in this report.

The free matches can be accessed here:

The full show can be purchased on DVD here:

Match Ratings:

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Interview with Michael Elgin of ROH

Michael Elgin is the powerhouse of the House of Truth stable in Ring of Honor. The House of Truth currently also consists of Roderick Strong, Christopher Daniels and the stable's founder, Truth Martini. He debuted with ROH full time at Survival of the Fittest 2010 and has made a tremendous impact on the promotion and with the fans. Since debuting with Ring of Honor, he has had matches with some of the great performers in the promotion's history, including El Generico, Christopher Daniels, Homicide and current ROH World Champion, Eddie Edwards. He is scheduled to compete at Ring of Honor's next big iPPV, Best in the World. All the information on that event can be found at the event's micro-site: All other information on Ring of Honor can obviously be found at
(Photo credit to

TJ Hawke: You burst onto the national scene with Ring of Honor in 2010, but before that you seemed to be a relative unknown. Where did you get start training to become a professional wrestler? How did the training process for you go?

Michael Elgin: Well, first I like to think I was known a bit, from my work in IWA-MS and other various North American companies, but ROH definitely put me on a bigger map.

I actually started training when I was 14; I had been a long time fan and always wanted to do it. At 13, I was close to 300lbs of fat, and decided i wanted to be a wrestler. I went all the way down to 170 and found a summer wrestling camp, I went to it and stayed there until I turned 16. At 16, I knew that school was not for me and stumbled upon Squared Circle Training out of Toronto and I never turned back. It was a great school and during my time there we had countless guess trainers, from Joe E Legend and Tyson Dux to Edge and Christian. I had my first real match that year at the age of 16 and have been doing it ever since.

Monday, June 6, 2011

PWG Card Subject to Change 2011: Random DVD Review Series #36

As you can guess by the name of this show, PWG had to change the lineup of the show after Kevin Steen had a family medical emergency at the last minute. Steen was originally supposed to team with Akira Tozawa to take on the RockNES Monsters. So instead, PWG booked Tozawa to face Low-Ki (who was supposed to face Roddy Strong), and Roddy Strong to face Willie Mack (who was supposed to face Brian Cage-Taylor who also was no longer on the show). Despite the last minute changes, PWG still manged to put together a strong lineup. Also, while I missed Kevin Steen greatly, his forced absence thankfully allowed PWG to change the name of show. Originally the show was going to be 'WINNING!', which would have sucked given that everyone had already gotten over Charlie Sheen's craziness.

Match Ratings:

Match Spotlight Series #15: A.J. Styles vs. Jeff Hardy from TNA Slammiversary 2004

Modest to the...Middle?

Starting June 21st, for 8 weeks, I will not be posting new entries to this blog because I will be away at a job that greatly limits my internet access. However, I have set up a number of Match Spotlight Series posts to be automatically posted here and to my twitter (@Shabang728).

Begining here, I will start looking at free TNA matches. This match took place at Slammiversary 2004 (the second anniversary of TNA). A.J. Styles had just returned to the X-Division and had won the X Title. Jeff Hardy was a mystery challenger making his TNA debut after being being fired from WWE in 2003

Thoughts on the match:

Friday, June 3, 2011

Interview with Steve Corino of ROH

Steve Corino began wrestling in 1994 and has won countless titles including (but obviously not limited to) the ECW, NWA, and WWC World Titles. He has had extensive runs in Puerto Rico and Japan. He first wrestled for Ring of Honor in 2002 and has been in and out of the company ever since. 2010 may have been his best year in his wrestling career because of his involvement with the Kevin Steen/El Generico feud. Steve is booked for the next Ring of Honor iPPV, Best in the World. Best in the World takes place on June 26th in New York City. All information about that event can be found at (Photo Credit to

T.J. Hawke: The feud between Kevin Steen (with yourself) vs. El Generico (w/Colt Cabana) was largely heralded as the best pro wrestling feud of 2010. How did you get hooked up with Steen for this feud? Were you surprised to get another run with ROH?

Steve Corino: I had just gotten back from a year run in Puerto Rico and the timing was perfect. Kevin and I have always been close and me coming back to the mainland and Kevin's breakout just happened to be right around the same time. Was I surprised to get another run? Yes. In Puerto Rico, I had gotten to about 263 and lost a lot of confidence. I had asked Adam Pearce, who was booking at the time, if I could get into some ring shape before I came back and that is when the time line was early November. I worked hard to get 20 pounds down and felt good physically.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Match Spotlight Series #14: Sami Callihan vs. Masato Yoshino from DGUSA Mercury Rising 2011

This time, we look at a match DGUSA released to promote their upcoming weekend. DGUSA has iPPVs on Friday and Sunday, and a cable PPV taping on Saturday. All information can be found at

Sami Callihan's push in Dragon Gate USA started in 2011 at United Weekend but his first high profile singles match with a Dragon Gate wrestler was at the Mercury Rising iPPV against Masato Yoshino.

That show's replay can be ordered here:

My review of this (excellent) show is here:

Thoughts on the Match:

ROH Manhattan Mayhem 2011: Random DVD Review Series #35

ROH had some very good shows at the start of 2011, but the company was missing a spark after the climatic Final Battle 2010. Roderick Strong's title reign was slowly gaining momentum after some excellent defenses (against Davey, Jay Briscoe, and Generico) but from a creative standpoint, the title reign was just not cutting it. ROH then made the bold decision to do a true surprise World title change at this show. Eddie Edwards is beloved in New York and it was a stroke of booking genius to switch the title to him at this show. Normally, ROH emphasizes the journey and chase of a challenger, but Eddie managed to win the title on his first chance. After the switch to iPPV, it seemed like ROH would wait for those shows to do major title changes, but at this show, ROH established that anything can happen at any show. On top of that, they delivered a damn great card to surround the title change. This DVD is worth your money.

Match Ratings: