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ROH 9th Anniversary PPV Review

ROH is often a very self aware promotion. They tend to recognize when a program or a matchup is not getting over with the crowd, and then they adjust accordingly. While the lackluster build to the World title and tag title matches harmed overall anticipation of the iPPV, ROH did not remain stubborn to their booking and force those two matches as main events down our throats. Instead they recognized the deficiencies in their booking and put the much more intriguing Dream Tag Match in the main event slot, and put Eddie Edwards and Chris Daniels into a position to steal the show (which well, they didn’t). Also, the two poorly hyped title matches were layed out perfectly to maximize crowd reaction. The Kings did everything they could to get Titus and King over as serious threats to their titles. Roderick Strong and Homicide had , what I would described as, a Raven-ECW-brawl: multiple run ins from lackeys and lots of plunder to keep the crowd engaged. Hopefully, ROH books their Mania Weekend iPPVs better, but at least they showed here that they could provide a very entertaining card despite the poor hype.

The Show’s Replay Can be Bought Here:

Match Ratings:

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Match Spotlight Series #2: Ricochet vs. Chuck Taylor vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Arik Cannon from DGUSA Bushido: Code of the Warrior 2010

DGUSA put this match online as a means of promotion. It was the opening match of their first iPPV: Bushido Code of the Warrior. I ordered this PPV (I will post a Flashback PPV report of it in the relative near future) and like everyone else, I was greatly annoyed during this match because the sound was about 10 seconds ahead of the action. In other words, Lenny Leonard and Chikarason sounded like the world's best psychics when it came to figuring out which move was about to happen. Luckily, the stream was fixed by the next match and this match was fixed for the on demand viewing soon after.

The whole PPV replay (a very good show) can be seen here for only $15:

(i think the DVD is coming out soon too if you want to hold out for that)

Thoughts on the Match:

HHH vs. Undertaker announced for Mania

Friday, February 25, 2011

Match Spotlight Series #1: Ricochet vs. Shiima Xion from AIW Absolution 2010

Every once in a while, I will spotlight a match from a company that provides that match for free online. The first edition of the Match Spotlight Series is from Absolute Intense Wrestling's Absolution show in 2010. The show is known for having Bryan Danielson challenge Johnny Gargano for the promotion's ABSOLUTE Title. However, AIW provided the INTENSE Title match between Ricochet and Shiima Xion as a way of showcasng the promotion and the DVD. Ricochet obviously had a breakout year in 2010, and Xion may have a breakout year in 2011 because he has already been booked for the next Evolve and DGUSA show.

AIW DVDs can be purchased here:

Thoughts on the match:

Thursday, February 24, 2011

ROH’s 9th Anniversary Show iPPV Predictions

When ROH offers an iPPV, you know that there will be a great night of action. But this iPPV is missing the hype and excitement that ROH was able to create for their last three iPPVs. Final Battle had the conclusion to the epic Steen and Generico feud. Glory By Honor had the debut of Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas and the drama of Tyler Black’s last match. Death Before Dishonor had the hyped main event of the two best wrestlers in ROH at the time. The 9th Anniversary Show feels like a transition iPPV, mainly due to there being two transition title challengers: Homicide and the All Night Express. If this show has a draw, it is the Briscoes/WGTT tag match. That matchup is unique and I genuinely feel like either team could win. Another problem with the PPV is that Davey Richards is the hottest wrestler in the company and he has an undercard match with Colt Cabana (should be a great match, but there is no real feud surrounding the match, so the match seems somewhat insignificant). Also, El Generico is in even more of an undercard match when he should be probably in a much higher profile match, coming off the epic feud with Steen. This iPPV is not a must buy for ROH fans, and I expect the ppv purchases number to reflect that.

You can buy this show here (and why wouldn’t you with such a ringing endorsement!):

Random DVD Review Series #19: PWG Guerres Sans Frontieres 2009

This show was one of the most unheralded shows of 2009. Some PWG shows have had better undercard matches but few shows have had such a great series of main events. El Generico is probably more associated with great tag team matches, but his match with Shingo on this night was near perfect. CIMA, the Machine Guns, Spanky and the Young Bucks all being in one 6 man tag is pretty much a dream match. And last but not least, Bryan Danielson in (what was supposed to be) his last PWG match faced off and defeated Chris Hero for the PWG Title. This is a must buy show. Go get it right now…… Have you bought it yet?

Match Ratings:

Random DVD Review Series #18: PWG Speed of Sound 2009

I read a not-so-positive review of this show from (a great site that you should check out) so I went in with very low expectations. Sometimes though, low expectations can be a blessing because I really enjoyed this show. Not the best PWG show but it is definitely worth checking out.

Match Ratings:

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Random DVD Review Series #17: ROH Tag Title Classic 2010

This show was the night before Final Battle. So, one would assume that this show would be something of a throw away show, given all the epic blowoffs happening on the next night (see Eye of the Storm 2009 and Buffalo Stampede 2010), but ROH produced a unique line up of matches, including a first time ever matchup (at least in ROH) main event: the Kings of Wrestling versus the American Wolves. This show was also the first Friday B Show that they have been able to sell on DVD without adding a “best of” collection to go with it since they decided to starting adding those “best of” bonus discs.

Match Ratings:

Monday, February 21, 2011

When years of poor planning, bad booking, and shitty talent development gives you Lemons…

How did the WWE get me legitimately excited Wrestlemania? If you showed me the current Wrestlemania lineup two months ago, I would not have been excited at all. Orton vs. Punk does not sound great on paper, but now I want to see it. Lawler vs. Cole sounds horrible on paper, but now I can’t wait to see it. HHH and Taker are two broken down middle aged men, and I cannot wait to see what they can do one last time. Del Rio and Edge? Cody Rhodes and Mysterio? You get the idea. However, I have to give the WWE creative team credit for sucking me in and getting me pumped for April 3rd.

Title Matches are set for ROH and DGUSA during Mania weekend

Christopher Daniels will challenge for the ROH Title on April 1st; I'm guessing Roderick will still have the tittle at this point but he defends against Homicide and then Eddie Edwards before Mania.

I believe this show will be airing on iPPV.

more info is here:

Also, Masato Yoshino & PAC of World 1 will defend the DGUSA tag titles against CIMA & Ricochet of Blood Warriors on April 3rd.

I believe that this show will be taped for a traditional PPV

More info is here:

Both matches should be great

Potential Mania 2011 Card #2

Here is my second try at prediction the Wrestlemania 2011 card...obviously we will know a lot more after tonight, but I am still going to try to see if I am a good prognosticator, or perhaps we will see that I am a FOOL

Elimination Chamber 2011 Thoughts

Given the direction for Wrestlemania, I thought the booking of the Elimination Chamber PPV was top notch. The champions and challengers for the world title matches were built up strongly (Edge, Del Rio, Miz, Cena, and possibly Christian), there was good direction in the Punk/Orton feud, and people are really going to want to see Jerry Lawler get a match at mania now. Not only was the macro level stuff well done, the micro aspects of the PPV were well done as well for the most part; we had 4 really good matches and good performaces up and down the card. All in all, a real good PPV offering from the WWE, and another great step on the road to Wrestlemania 27.

Other Highlights and Lowlights:

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Elimination Chamber 2011 Predictions

World Title, Elimination Chamber: Edge© vs. Mysterio vs. Wade Barrett vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Kane vs. ?: Dolph got removed from the match by Teddy Long…I’m guessing that Dolph ends up on RAW because the Dolph/Vickie segments are so heated on RAW…Edge is winning but I guess Mysterio has a very outside shot…maybe Christian will be a surprise entrant
Should Win: Edge
Will Win: Edge

Friday, February 18, 2011

Random DVD Review Series #16: PWG Threemendous 2009

Shows like this made me realize how much momentum PWG was gathering as a promotion. The crowds started to become blistering hot at all of their shows (the bar 20 feet from the ring probably did not hurt). Also, the depth of the roster was really starting to develop here: Danielson, the Machine Guns, Davey, Hero, Colt Cabana & Roderick were all on the show, which is quite the expense but it was well worth it. Start supporting PWG!

Match Ratings:

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Random DVD Review Series #15: PWG The Gentle Art of Making Enemies 2009

This show seemed like something of a transition show for PWG. Their last show, BOLA 2008, was over two months earlier, and the winner, Low-Ki, was signed to a WWE developmental deal. So, it seems to me that this show was somewhat designed to establish the Young Bucks as one of the big acts of the company. The Young Bucks then proceeded to carry the company until they lost the titles 18 months later (in my humble opinion that is). Also, Danielson had started becoming a regular again in PWG and he started to show a lot more personality during the year. This is also Chuck Taylor’s highest profile match in PWG yet and he would be a featured played for the next two years. All and all, not the best show from 2009, but a very entertaining one.

Match Ratings:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Random DVD Review Series #14: PWG Cyanide: A Loving Tribute to Poison 2010

PWG was a promotion that I grew to love in 2010. In fact, I would say it is my second favorite promotion behind ROH (and just ahead of EVOLVE). This show is just a good show for PWG, but a good PWG show is more fun than almost any other show in North America. Why? There is a simple formula to almost all of their shows: great crowd, fun undercard, and 1-3 must see main events. That is pretty much the perfect formula for a fun wrestling show. I can’t wait to get my copy of their latest show, Kurt Russellreunion II as well.

Match Ratings:

Latest on Taker, HHH, & Sting...

-- The Undertaker vs. Triple H is currently penciled in as the main event for WrestleMania XXVII, according to this week's issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Many people within the company are saying that Triple H will put his career on the line against The Undertaker, with Shawn Michaels acting as the special guest referee. The Observer, however, adds that the stipulations of the match are not concrete.

Triple H has contemplated retiring in the near future, noting he's 41 years old, has suffered a series of serious muscle tears, and is considered the heir apparent to Vince McMahon's throne atop World Wrestling Entertainment.

The Undertaker is advertised for this Monday's Raw in Fresno, California.

-- According to this week's issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, nothing new has transpired since last week concerning Steve "Sting" Borden joining WWE.

Credit goes to The Wrestling Observer, through

View From the Hawke's Nest: It is a shame that Sting will not be involved in Mania ths year but what can you do...I really hope they don't add the retirement stip to HHH/Taker; the stip is not needed for interest in the match

New features coming soon!

DVD review of PWG Cyanide 2010
Elimination Chamber preview
My 10 favorite Rock matches

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Rock Brought It

Vince McMahon pulled another fucking rabbit out of his hat. Every once in a while, a big time celebrity like Donald Trump, Floyd Mayweather, or Mike Tyson, pops up out of nowhere, and the WWE builds to a big confrontation at Mania. Well, the WWE may have topped themselves this time (Brock who?). The Rock is THE wrestling celebrity; he is our celebrity. People (myself included) are going to be excited and intrigued to see where this goes.

Monday, February 14, 2011

so yea...

I'll have a post on the Rock and Raw up in the morning hopefully...

short version: they would be idiots to tease Rock vs. Cena if they are not going to actually deliver

Prediction on the guest host from me

Random DVD Review Series #13: ROH Survival of the Fittest 2010

Survival of the Fittest is one of ROH’s better concepts but the execution has sometimes fallen short, and that is what happened this year (run-on sentence much?). It seems to me that it should be really easy for the promotion to put on 4-6 good tournament qualifying matches and then an epic final where they get somebody primed to be a main player for ROH. The 2010 version did not exactly do that.

Match Ratings:

The Special Wrestlemania Guest Host?...Go for IT!

While many people are speculating that it will be revealed to be Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, sources within WWE indicate that many employees are under the impression that the guest host will be none other than former Price Is Right host Bob Barker.

- Credit goes to PWinsider through

View from the Hawke's nest: ugh...I like Bob Barker and all, but this would be a horrible letdown. I thought it would at least be Steve Austin, if not Dwayne Johnson...why would the WWE build this up for a week?

The TNA “even though I hate this company, but there is still usually good action on the PPVs” PPV Running Diary: Against All Odds 2011

The Running Diary was made famous by Bill Simmons; this is not my concept on anyway shape or form

Analyzing TNA is a waste of time. So I feel the best way to review the company is in short pithy, sarcastic statements. I hope it is entertaining.

Also, the deal is I am watching this on DVR so I might be skipping some anticipated bullshit (ie: Gunner and Murphy matches & backstage segments)

Finally, I don’t watch TNA so I may be a little lost at different points

11:00: apparently Kazarian is a booker and apparently one of the dozen TNA authority figures does not have a problem with this...Kaz(c) vs. Robbie E

Friday, February 11, 2011

Taker vs. HUNTOR at Mania?!?!?!

- Word going around is that WWE officials have discussed The Undertaker vs. Triple H for WrestleMania 27 in a Career vs. Streak match with Shawn Michaels as the guest referee

all credit goes PWInsider

View from the Hawke's nest: This report seems to matchup with the Observer's report this week that Taker had a new opponent that creative hoped would be a game changer for Mania. I love the idea of this match but I do not love the idea of Hunter putting his career on the line. I don't think for a moment that HHH will stop wrestling after this Mania and the WWE needs to stop doing stips that they have no intention of abiding by.

Having said that, Mania needs a spark and this may be the matchup to do it.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Recent DVDs I am looking to review...

DVDs that I am definitely looking to review:

PWG Russellreunion II
DGUSA Untouchable 2010
ROH Only the Strong Survive (great title btw)

DVDs i am possibly going to review:
DGUSA Way of the Ronin
ROH SoCal Showdown II
Evolve 6
PWG DDT4 (this hasn't happened yet but it is traditionally my favorite tournament of the year, especially the last two years)

Better Late Than Never PPV Flashback Report: ROH Final Battle 2009

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” (hey Michael Steele, what book is that a quote from?)

This version of Final Battle was the first internet PPV for ROH and it was also the first non-HDnet ROH show that I ever saw. It was a show riddled with problems out of the gate: a snow storm prevented Necro Butcher from getting there, caused the crowd to be antsy during the second half, and also caused Teddy Hart and Jack Evans to be late (I have a big rant on that “match”). The show had technical problems on the iPPV side as we could not really hear the mic work or the commentators that well. And most importantly, the show contained what would probably be considered the biggest blunder in the Adam Pearce era (more is written on that in the main event write up). However, despite all the problems with the show, this is still the show that made me a ROH fan and caused me to keep buying iPPVs and started me to get their DVDs. After all, this show contained a lot of good stuff too, especially the Steenerico vs. Young Bucks match, which of course has the now famous heel turn by Kevin Steen.

Match Ratings:

(especially for my first ever big rant; it is in the Teddy Hart vs. Jack Evans "match")

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sorry Wade Barrett....

- To update, there has been no conversation between Steve "Sting" Borden and World Wrestling Entertainment as of last week, but there has however been interest from both sides.

The Undertaker vs. Sting match at this point will not be happening and Undertaker vs. Wade Barrett has been dropped as the originally proposed WrestleMania 27 main event. The company has come up with a new direction for the Undertaker which they hope will steal the show - it is also slated to involve Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels in a non-wrestling capacity. The new direction doesn't involve Brock Lesnar at this point.

full credit goes to Dave Meltzer and the Wrestling Observer

first poster for mania revealed

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Highlights from EVOLVE: DVDs 1-3

The deal is I borrowed the first three DVD offerings of Evolve from a friend and I have not seen all the matches. I don't want to pretend that I can comment on each DVD individually. So, I thought i would put together a list of the matches that interested me one way or the other from each of these DVDs. While I have not seen all these DVDs in their entirety, I can say that I enjoyed what I saw from each of the DVDs. With that said, let's get to the matches.

Build to Mania Gets Serious

Almost every year without fail, WWE tries to focus on a build to Wrestlemania that contains serious angles to create interest in matchups. While some years they fail at building interest (2009 anyone?) and other years the build is awesome (2007 and 2010 spring to mind), they usually at least try. Last night’s edition of RAW reveals that this year will be no different. While flawed at times in execution, RAW last night, and specifically the Orton/Punk segment, reflected WWE’s desire to build to confrontations at Mania.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Will it Happen?

Better Late Than Never PPV Flashback Report: DGUSA Freedom Fight 2010

This was DGUSA’s 3rd show and it is the show where they crowned their first world champion in a one night tournament. The show is doubtlessly entertaining but the booking of the tournament is filled with my complaints about how the champion and the challengers have been booked throughout the history of the promotion. Instead of building this tournament up with qualifying matches on the previous show, they just jump into this tournament; a tournament that does not contain 4 of Dragon Gate’s highest profile wrestlers (Shingo, Yoshino, Doi, and Dragon Kid). What exactly did Akuma, the Young Bucks, and Hallowicked do in DGUSA to earn a spot in the tournament. Skayde, Super Crazy, Lince Dorado and Gargano had never even wrestled in DGUSA before. BxB Hulk and Kendrick had yet to win in DGUSA. Doi and Dragon Kid had two high profile wins on the only other shows, but they were not in the tournament. I find it ironic that in Gabe’s other promotion (Evolve), wins are considered to be the only thing that matter, but in DGUSA, the win and losses appear to inconsistently important. More examples of this will be present throughout the rest of the year in DGUSA (including with how their current champion “earned” a title shot).

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Better Late Than Never PPV Flashback Report: DGUSA Untouchable 2009

DGUSA has always been at its best when they combine the best Japanese talent and the best American indy talent. With this PPV, DGUSA created two MUST SEE matchups: Davey Richards vs. Shingo and Naruki Doi vs. Bryan Danielson. Buy this DVD and enjoy great wrestling. Nothing more needs to be said.

Match Ratings:

Better Late Than Never PPV Flashback Report: DGUSA Enter the Dragon 2009

This was the debut of Dragon Gate USA. After being fired by ROH, Gabe Sapolsky joined up with the Dragon Gate promotion to create an American independent promotion that prominently featured the Dragon Gate talent. They also decided to integrate some of the Chikara wrestlers into the promotion, which proved to be beneficial. However, where the most in-ring success would come from would be combining the top Dragon Gate talents with some of the top American indy talents (Young Bucks, Davey Richards, Bryan Danielson, etc). Shows like this one provided a spark to the American independent wrestling scene, and seemingly forced promotions like ROH, Chikara, and PWG to step up their game.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Better Late Than Never PPV Flashback Report: DGUSA Freedom Fight 2011

Freedom Fight 2011 was part of an interesting weekend for DGUSA. They put almost all of their focus on the iPPV that aired the night before (a very good show btw). Then they aired this “B” Show as a regular PPV two and a half months later. The result was a fun show, but a show that felt inconsequential. Sure, Homicide and Moxley started their DGUSA feud (which continues on the next regular PPV), but those two are feuding in like 3-4 promotions at the moment. Ronin also got established, which was important. Okay, so it was not entirely inconsequential, but the show is still lacking any must see matches. Okay, enough of the ramblings, let’s get to the matches.

Match Ratings:

Watch This Week's Smackdown (LEGALLY)

the road continues...

Has Sting changed his mind?

will he be at Mania? My gut says 'no', but my brain says 'yes'. We shall see. (FYI: I am confident enough to say that he is not the one in the viral video that WWE has sending out)

more features coming soon

- an op-ed on internet piracy that will hopefully be up in the next week
- the start of the Random PPV Flashback series: WWE, ROH, DGUSA, and TNA will be highlighted
- some more dvd show reviews (including some Chikara and PWG, hopefully)
- some collection DVD reviews (i've got a best of CM punk dvd that i am hoping to watch soon)
- predictions and reviews on the upcoming TNA, WWE, and ROH ppvs
- best of Evolve matches from the first 3 shows

new Blood Warrior's Logo

get used to seeing this image as the blood warriors are probably going to be a focal point of DGUSA for the foreseeable future

Friday, February 4, 2011

omg, this is so much more illegal hypnotising!

Random DVD Review Series #12: ROH Salvation 2010

Salvation was one of ROH's strongest DVD-only offerings of 2010. It did not contain a ton of significant storyline developments but it provided strong matches up and down the card, culminating with two 4 star+ efforts. Tyler Black had another great title defense and Kevin Steen proved he could be a main event heel. I believe this was the last DVD show where Adam Pearce was the booker, and he went out with a bang.

Match Ratings:

Random DVD Review Series #11: ROH Glory by Honor 2009 The Final Countdown

This was one of ROH's most historic shows for one reason: Bryan Danielson and Nigel McGuinness wrestled their final ROH's matches (for now at least), and they did it against each other. Arguably the greatest in-ring rivalry in ROH's history, Nigel and Dragon had countless great matches that ROH's fans celebrate to this day. While this match was missing the intensity of their Driven PPV match, the storytelling of their 6th Anniversary show match, and the stakes of their Rising Above match (reviewed on this website), this match contained some incredibly emotional moments. Dragon was the standard of ROH. He was a wrestler, who was always considered to small and too plain for TNA and WWE. He was made for ROH. And the fans say goodbye to him here with such respect. Unlike Dragon, Nigel was not a great worker when he came to ROH; he relied too much on gimmicky "hold for hold" wrestling. However, his rivalry with Dragon, which started in 2006 brought him to new heights. This was second ROH dvd I ever saw and I was amazed, and I was hooked.

(Note: Dragon and Nigel both were scheduled to go to WWE at the time, but Nigel failed a physical and went to TNA where he had a red hot feud with Kurt Angle...Dragon would not debut on WWE television until February at which point, Nigel became ice cold under the new Bischoff/Hogan regime...Nigel has not appeared on television since September).

Match ratings:

Random DVD Review Series #10: ROH Northern Navigation 2008

This was ROH's debut into Canada, which seems strange in retrospect (knowing now that it has been a great market for them) that it took so long to get there. This show is also significant for finishing (basically) Steen's mini-feud with Nigel over the title, and for having the first significant break in the ranks for the Age of the Fall. Also, Danielson and Claudio tore the house down.

Match Ratings:

Random DVD Review Series #9: ROH Respect is Earned 2007

ROH made its PPV debut with this show, so the show has historical significance. Retrospectively, many die hard ROH fans argue that PPV screwed up storyline continuity and was not ultimately worth the trouble. I would disagree. PPV and national TV (receiving similar complaints as the original PPV organization) make Ring of Honor seem more major league and perception is everything in this business. Now, unfortunately this perception of being increasingly major league corresponded with an economic down turn and just a general "down" wrestling period. That means it is gonna be hard for ROH to break out right now. But they still had to try.

photos from:

Match Ratings:

Random DVD Review Series #8: DGUSA Independent Tour de Force Volume 1

Gabe Sapolsky, head booker of Evolve Wrestling and Dragon Gate USA (and former ROH promoter) recently started a "report internet piracy" campaign. Why? Well, his promotion's videos were easily accessible all over the internet; that is potential money that his companies will never see. So, he sent out a request to the fans to report any piracy of his two companies. You can report DGUSA piracy here ( and report Evolve piracy here ( Long story short, if they can shut down the piracy you send them, they will send you a complimentary gift (a DVD presumably). So, I tried it out (as I do believe in the cause to spare independent wrestling from internet piracy) and I got this DVD in the mail as a result. And this DVD is great. Basically, the DVD spotlights one significant match from various independent groups around the country, and it includes stars such as Christopher Daniels, Jimmy Jacobs, Go Shiozaki, LARRY SWEENEY~!, and more.

Note: I plan on writing an op-ed on internet piracy in the coming days (unless my Senior Thesis explodes).

Match Ratings:

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Random DVD Review Series #7: ROH Rising Above 2008

Reaching back here to look at the first Adam Pearce PPV. This show as very significant because Bryan Danielson finally got another shot at Nigel McGuinness's title, after Nigel refused to give him a shot for 8-9 months. Also, this show featured the blow off match between Austin Aries and Jimmy Jacobs, which was a significant blood feud in ROH history...oh yeah, and Samoa Joe came back for the first time in 20 months (although that match did not air on PPV for obvious reasons). This was the last great traditional PPV from ROH and things soon started to go down hill after Pearce wrapped up the last of Gabe's storylines.

Match Ratings:

Random DVD Review Series #6: ROH Tag Wars 2010

ROH was starting a transition phase this weekend: Tyler Black was about to leave, Roderick Strong was preparing for his big title win, and Davey Richards was becoming the new face of the company. Since this was the transition period, this show kind of feels unimportant as nothing of true significance was destined to happen. So all ROH could hope to do was have a great night of action. And that's what they mostly did. Unfortunately this show revealed the lack of depth on the roster at the moment (something that is still an issue) and so there are 3 completely missable matches, but the other 5 matches more then make up for them.

Match Ratings:

just a cool picture

i just wanted to let everyone know that this picture was found on Dave Lagana's website,

Dave can be contacted on Twitter at @Lagana

Random DVD Review Series #5: Evolve 4 Danielson vs. Fish

Much like DGUSA, Evolve had a hard time of it after the Davey Richards situation. They seemed lost and direction-less. But once again, Bryan Danielson arrived to provide a spark and to give some exposure to the Evolve players. On the surface, Jimmy Jacobs, Chuck Taylor, and Johnny Gargano don't seem like performers that a promotion can build around...oh, how I was wrong. If Evolve 5 was the peak of 2010 for Evolve, then the fourth event is where we know that their was a foundation for eventual success.

Match Ratings:

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Random DVD Review Series #4: ROH Final Battle 2008

Final Battle 2008 may be one of the best overall DVD shows that Ring of Honor has ever produced. Three 4 star+ main events (including a ***** Match) and entertaining undercard matches. Danielson finally avenged his eye and conquered Godzilla, Nigel and Steenerico continued their great reigns, and there was a significant heel turn from good ol' A Double. I don't know if you have never watched ROH before that this is the show to start with, but if you enjoy wrestling, then this is a must buy DVD no matter what.

Match Ratings:

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Random DVD Review Series #3: ROH 8th Anniversary Show

ROH FAILED big time at their first iPPV where they made Tyler Black fail at winning the ROH title for the umpteenth time in front of a very tired New York crowd. This show many have as well been called "Redemption." Not just for Tyler Black in a storyline sense, but for ROH with the New York crowd. ROH delivered a compact show (w/o an intermission as I recall) with a great main event that sent the people home happy. This show turned around ROH and lead to a great year of storylines and great iPPVS.

Match Ratings: