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PWG Fear Prediction Roundtable Madness!

So, a bunch of us cool kids on Twitter love Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, because it is the greatest wrestling company on Earth.  Thus, it was only a matter of time before all us put together our coolness and started doing a roundtable preview of a PWG show.  And what better show to start, than the show that features the return of PWG legend: Super Dragon.  How much does Super Dragon mean to the SoCal independent scene?  Just watch this video:

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Now just who are going to be making these predictions, you ask?  The highest form of human beings that exist: Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Fans!  We are all just fans, sharing our love of PWG.  If you want to talk to any of use about PWG (or anything else), give us a look on Twitter.

@MFMadMr. 1859/WWE Tag Champ: @MFMad and could still out entertain anyone in that place. Axl Rose was the last cool white guy. 
@ToeNailUrFace: Pro make believer. Bringing sleazy back. 
@KiKrusher99: A gifted Japanese performer, @KiKrusher99 proudly carries the spirit of the Land of the Rising Sun as he competes with WWE's ring warriors around the globe.  
@SoufCentrol: Philadelphia sketch comedian and professional wrestling referee. His daddy is proud.
@I_Am_Hollywood: JP Nichols is currently mad at OZ. Often confused with Batman. Once tipped a stripper with a filet-o-fish.  He is also one of the good people behind www.freeadmissionfr.com
@TJHawke411Ministry of Propaganda for professional wrestler UltraMantis Black. Empty the cages xvx. 暗闇の皇帝ウルトラマンカマキリ

On to the predictions!  (and yes, I know there is weird formatting/spacing issues.  no excuse to say except Blogger can really be annoying at times.)

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Championship Tag Team Title Guerrilla Warfare Match
The Young Bucks (Matt Nick Jackson - Champions) vs. Appetite for Destruction ("Mr. Wrestling" Kevin Steen Super Dragon)

@MFMad: The term "Bat Shit Crazy" will be defined by this match. I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it.
Prediction: The Young Bucks

@ToeNailUrFace: What the fuck (I can say fuck, right? Of course I can, this is PWG, I am allowed to say fuck!) was I thinking? After purchasing front row tickets to this event while in line at Gamestop for Battlefield 3, I went into my bedroom to pop in the game and I saw the trash can. This is no ordinary trash can, no, this is the trashcan from PWG Seven's Guerrilla Warfare match featuring the Young Bucks. Its all bent up and is a reminder of how crazy that match was. Fast forward to now, I got front row tickets to another Guerrilla Warfare match featuring two of PWGs most dangerous competitors in Steen and Dragon. This match will be batshit crazy (as Excalibur referred to the GW match at Seven) and I expect a complete masacre. 
Prediction: Young Bucks to win since they always find a way to win but they will not leave the Legion Hall alive.

@kikrusher99: This match would be fucking insane anyway, but the fact that it is a guerrilla warfare match only ups the ante to bat-shit crazy. First you have the most dominating tag team in PWG right now in the Young Bucks. These guys have all the arrogance of Chris Bosh and the belts to back up anything they say. Then there is Kevin Steen, who for months has been attacked by the Bucks, and wants nothing more than to kill them. And if that wasn’t enough, Super Dragon is returning after a 3 year absence and tagging with his longtime rival Kevin Steen. Re-watching the guerrilla warfare match between Steen and Super Dragon, one has to ask the question; if these men could do that much destruction to each other, what do they have in store for the Young Bucks? Yeah this is gonna be fucking epic! I don’t see how the Bucks can make it out of Reseda, alive much less as champions. However, if they can beat Super Dragon and Kevin Steen, who in the world of wrestling can stop the Young Bucks?

Prediction: AFD eliminate the Young Bucks or else the Bucks become unstoppable.

@SoufCentrol: I think this match is going to be epic. I'm a huge Young Bucks fan and the return on Super Dragon will make this a night to remember. Guerrilla Warfare baby!
Prediction: I honestly see Steen and Dragon as tag champs

JP Nichols: Don't know if I can put into words just how excited I am for the match. Whenever PWG does a Guerrilla Warfare, you know to expect mayhem, but add in the most sadistic man in wrestling in Kevin Steen and the return of the legend that is known as Super Dragon. I would hate to be a member of the "Buck Family" going into this match, knowing the punishment that they will receive. The fact that it is a tag title match makes me feel like they may retain, but considering that Super Dragon is seemingly going to be back for a bit, I feel like I can feel safe in predicting Appetite for Destruction coming out on top, showing that PWG is their jungle and that the Bucks are going to die.

Prediction: NEW PWG TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: Appetite for Destruction (Super Dragon & Kevin Steen)

@TJHawke411: I have no idea what is going to happen here.  This is probably the most anticipated PWG main event in quite some time (and Excalibur says it is probably the most anticipated ever).  Super Dragon is an absolute legend to the SoCal independent scene (as obvious from the video above) and Kevin Steen is one of the two most over current acts in PWG.  Part of me thinks they are going to win, but I just don't think PWG will book Super Dragon to win a title when he easily could never wrestle again (again) because of concussions. Either way though, this match is pretty much guaranteed to be crazy and awesome.  Crazy and Awesome would actually probably be a great team name for Steen and Dragon.
Prediction: Young Bucks retain

Final Verdict: 3-3 -- SPLIT DECISION~!

Non-Title Dream Singles Match
El Generico vs. Dick Togo

@MFMad: I don't know much about Dick Togo, but I know a lot about El Generico, this match is already an instant classic.
Prediction: El Generico

@ToeNailUrFace: Dear Lord, please let all loudmouth, idiotic, and attention seeking whore end up with laryngitis so that they cannot ruin what will certainly be a classic match. Nothing else needs to be said. 
Prediction: El Generico

@kikrusher99: Upon seeing a few of his matches, I’d say El Generico has a brick shithouse to beat in Togo. Togo can still go and seems to be fairly powerful despite his size and I see him giving it his all in his retirement tour match here with Generico.. However, El Generico is the PWG champ and has been the having an incredible year in PWG as well as in Japan. He seems to be unstoppable right now and I don’t think he will slow down a step vs Togo. This should be an amazing match and one for the history books.

Prediction: Dick Togo

@SoufCentrol: I'm excited to see Dick Togo live. This should be a good match
Prediction: El Generico with a brain bustuuuuuuuuuuuh

JP Nichols: I have talked with a few people about this match and there are some, like myself, that are quite hyped for it while others are not as excited due to wondering if the styles in this match will mesh. With Togo being on his retirement tour, and El Generico being (at minimum) a top ten wrestler for 2011, I can't see this being any less than fantastic. With the non-title factor, I feel that Togo will likely come out on top. I would like to be surprised and see Generico get a win, which would do wonders for him, but I don't see it happening.
Prediction: Dick Togo

@TJHawke411: While I am a little disappointed that Generico is not defending the title on this show (or on the next show), I can understand why PWG could not pass up the opportunity to put together this match on Dick Togo's reitirement tour.  I wouldn't be surprised for Togo to get the win, but I think even PWG will not book their world champion to lose to a man who will not be back.
Prediction: El Generico

Final Verdict: El Generico (4-2)

Tag Team Match

American Wolves (Eddie Edwards Davey Richards) vs. Super Smash Bros. (Player Uno Stupefied)

@MFMad: If this match still happens, it should be very intense and very interesting. Given the ROH fued of Richards and Edwards, if they do team up, I can see them really trying to one up each other against their opponents.
Prediction: American Wolves or Card Subject to Change ;)

@ToeNailUrFace: Honestly, I was not looking forward to this match until I watched the SSB vs. RockNES Monsters from The Perils of Rock and Roll Decadence (which you can purchase from ProWrestlingGuerrilla.com) which made me an instant fan of SSB. The Wolves are feuding with each other in ROH right now and I suspect that that angle will rear its head in PWG. Richards and Edwards both look comfortable being themselves in which both have a funny side and follow that with SSBs humor and we will have an entertaining match that will also be fairly stiff and wrestling heavy which will be a great mix.
Prediction: SSB after a little distention from the Wolves.

@kikrusher99: I think the Wolves will have some tension between them from what's going on in ROH that will carry over to this match. That is unless we get 'card subject to change' and this match doesn't even happen. If it does, I only see SSB beating the wolves due to the tension between Eddie and Davey.  If SSB can get a win, that should solidify them as contenders for the PWG tag team titles down the line.
Prediction: Super Smash Bros. get a very surprising win over the Wolves.

@SoufCentrol: I missed Smash Bros last time they were in pwg. I heard they didn't disappoint and I expect a repeat performance
Prediction: American Wolves

JP Nichols: I never was one to catch a ton of ROH on HDNet, but from all that I have seen, these two teams' match on that show was one of my favorites in the history of the show. The SSB are far too good to not be used in a major capacity. It is a crime really. The Wolves have also been one of the best teams out of the last near-three years that they have been teaming. Considering how bonkers Reseda went for the SSB in September, I expect the same reaction here and then some. However, I see the Wolves coming out on top and potentially setting up a tag title shot for themselves in the future, if not at the show at Wrestlereunion.
Prediction: American Wolves

@TJHawke411: I hoping the Wolves heel it up a little here, as their babyface tag team run in ROH has shown that they are much stronger heels, and are capable of making SSB look like world beating babyface challengers.  I think the Wolves will be getting a title shot soon in 2012, which means
Prediction: Wolves

Final Verdict: American Wolves (4-2)

Singles Match
The Amazing Red vs. Roderick Strong

@MFMad: Roddy is the fucking man in PWG, but Amazing Red has everything to prove in his debut. This will be high flying, fast paced and hard hitting.
Prediction: The Amazing Red

@ToeNailUrFace: This is going to be the sleeper hit of the night and one of the matches I am most looking forward to. Amazing Red is amazing! Roddy has always given the fans great matches. This match will be phenomenal fully of high flying and stiff hits and tons of "This is Awesome" chants. 
Prediction: Amazing Red with a surprise pin

@kikrusher99: I honestly think Roddy is gonna fuck Red up. After seeing how he hurled Ricochet around, Red is gonna have to stay away from Roddy and use his speediness if he wishes to win and not get his chest caved in by the Freaky Roderick Strength behind those vicious chops. Red is known for moving a hundred miles a minute and could catch Roddy off guard with some outstanding aerial attacks. However, if Roddy gets a chance to ground Red, he'll be tappin to the Strong hold.
Prediction: Strong wins with either a brutal back breaker or a strong hold.

@SoufCentrol: I feel sorry for Red. He will leave pwg with a bruised chest. Roddy will have to do something to slow Red down
Prediction: Amazing Red

JP Nichols: Talk about a great pairing. Here, you have Roderick Strong, someone who is always one of the top performers in PWG, despite not having a ton to show for it. On the other side, you have Amazing Red, someone who since he has returned in a regular wrestling capacity, I have wanted to see get a bigger opportunity to showcase what he can do. At times, TNA allowed him to do that, but never to the extent that I had hoped for. Here, he will get that opportunity that I hoped for. Roderick has shown on plenty of occasions, namely in matches with Jack Evans, that he is someone that works quite fluidly with someone that he can toss around. He missed out on that opportunity in May when they originally had him vs. Matt Cross booked for ASW8 N2, but here, he will get that opportunity and likely get the victory as well.
Prediction: Roderick Strong

@TJHawke411: I don't know if these two have ever wrestled before, but I just envision these two having AMAZING chemistry.  Roddy is at his best when he can just toss around smaller guys, and Red makes awesome comebacks.  I think this has the potential to be the second best match of the night.  Because I don't know how often, if ever, Red will be back, I'll keep it safe and predict Roddy to win, using his Freaky Roderick Strength.
Prediction: Roddy Roddy Strong

Final Verdict: 3-3 -- SPLIT DECISION~!

Tag Team Match
Future Shock (Adam Cole Kyle O'Reilly) vs. RockNES Monsters (Johnny Goodtime Johnny Yuma)

@MFMad: This match will be insane. Nuff said.
Prediction: RockNES Monsters

@ToeNailUrFace: This will be an awesome match. I have yet to see Steen Wolf, but heard Future Shock gave Young Bucks an awesome match and I know it will be the same with the RockNES Monsters. Have you noticed that the RockNES Monsters work well with any tag-team? These guys are so underrated. I am just happy to have front row seats for this great matchup. 
Prediction: RockNES Monsters

@kikrusher99: It sounded like Future Shock impressed at last month’s show and from what I’ve seen, they have what it takes to become serious contenders for the PWG tag titles one day. However they have to get through one of the hottest SoCal teams today in the RockNES Monsters. This should be a technical match that could lean more in the way of FS. I see the Monsters separating the Cole and O’Reilly and using double team moves to gain an advantage if they want to avoid defeat.
Prediction: RockNES all the way!

@SoufCentrol: This is going to be a great match. I'm a huge fan of both, and there should be a lot of action going on
Prediction: Future Shock....so they can come back soon

JP Nichols: This has potential to be out of this world in all the right ways. Much like the SSB, Future Shock is a team that recently debuted and have made Reseda fall in love with them. Going against RockNES, who are a similar tag team in a lot of ways, this should be totally fantastic. I am torn on my prediction here, as either team really could go on to go after the tag titles, but with Future Shock having gotten a title shot in their debut, I feel like RockNES are likely in line for one before them.
Prediction: RockNES Monsters

@TJHawke411: As with the first 4 matches, I could see this match going either way.  With Future Shock still new to PWG, I see the Monsters getting the win.  This match should be damn good.
Prediction: RockNES Monsters

Final verdict: RockNES Monsters (5-1)

Singles Match
Kenny King vs. TJ Perkins

@MFMad: First one on one of the night, I see these guys going all out and putting on a hell of a match.
Prediction: TJ Perkins

@ToeNailUrFace: I don't know what to think about this match. TJ Perkins is a great wrestler, perfect for more serious type matches. Kenny King is a great wrestler, perfect for more entertaining type matches. Not sure what the bookers were thinking when this was booked but I am slightly interested. I expect Kenny King to play to the crowd while giving TJP a chance to capitalize throughout the match.
Prediction: Kenny King because I like him more

@kikrusher99: TJP is very unappreciated in my eyes and its damn good to see him back on a PWG card and Kenny King is starting to make some waves out here on the west coast, which could lead to us seeing ANX in DDT4 next year. Both have nothing to prove but do have some bragging rights on the line. This could be a match that dictates which guy starts to climb the ladder in PWG and it should be one great fast paced technical match.
Prediction: TJP via figure four death lock

@SoufCentrol: Its always amazing to see TJ Perkins work. I don't think Kenny King is ready for this match up. Hope he proves me wrong
Prediction: TJ Perkins

JP Nichols: This is a pretty interesting match on paper. Kenny King is someone who I have never understood why PWG has not gone after due to plenty of fresh possibilities with him and especially because he lives in Las Vegas, making him someone to easily bring in. again while TJ Perkins is always on-and-off with them. This should be another solid outing. Considering TJ will likely be back before Kenny, I see TJ coming out on top here.

Prediction: TJ Perkins

@TJHawke411: PWG has announced that the undercard will have some changes, and I can see this match being affected.  If it does happen though, here are my thoughts.  I like Kenny King a lot as a performer, but I still have really only seen one standout match from him ever (vs. Davey at ROH The Big Bang).  With that in mind, I really hope he steps up here and delivers a great performance, and TJP is a very good opponent to make that happen.  With TJP being more local (and thus more likely to be booked often in 2012), I see him getting the win.
Prediction: TJP

Final Verdict: TJ Perkins (5-1)

Eight-Person Tag Team Match
"Pretty" Peter AvalonRay Rosas, & The Dynasty (Joey Ryan Scorpio Sky) vs. Famous BChris KadillakCandice LeRae, & Willie Mack

@MFMad: Any match that pits Candice LeRae vs Peter Avalon or Joey Ryan is gold.
Prediction: The Dynasty

@ToeNailUrFace: I fully expect this to be the opener and this to be one of the more fun matches of the night, along with the Wolves vs. SSB. Anytime Candice LaRae and Peter Avalon are in the ring together, one can expect a lot of stiff competition. Add in Ray Rosas and Joey Ryan, this can be a hardone for LaRae to overcome. Ok, done with the puns, this match will feature a lot of humor and it will pump the Reseda crowd up. Joey Ryan teased when the matches were announced that maybe Avalon and Rosas should join the Dynasty which I think would be great for Avalon and Rosas, giving them direction in PWG. And personally, I really hope to see Mack and Sky in the ring together since they blew me away on a recent NWA Hollywood match.
Prediction: Dynasty

@kikrusher99: Looking forward to this match and I could see this opening the show if Los Luchas/FTB doesn’t. I’ve only seen a few Ray Rosas and Chris Kadillak matches through youtube and the match they had vs the Young Bucks in IWL. So far these guys are impressive. Don’t know much about Famous B so it should be interesting seeing him in action for the first time live. Anytime Joey and Candice are in a ring, sexual harassment ensures same for Candice and Peter Avalon.
Prediction: The Dynasty with PPA all day and Ray Rosas win with Avalon getting a sleazy win over Candice.

@SoufCentrol: I'm really looking forward to this match. I'm a huge fan of Ray Rosas, Peter, Kadillac, Willie Mack, Famous B and Candice. So this match is a must see for me
Prediction: Candice's team just cause I'm not feeling the dynasty

JP Nichols: This match might be affected due to the issues with Los Luchas, but pretending that it isn't, this would be quite fun on paper. My only issue is why is Willie Mack in here? He is someone that should be en route to a future PWG title shot, having made it to the semis of BOLA, just wrestling the ROH champion in a very competitive match, etc. Regardless, I would say that Peter/Rosas/Dynasty come on top if the match does not go on unaffected.

Prediction: Peter Avalon/Ray Rosas/Dynasty

@TJHawke411: PWG has announced that the undercard will have some changes, and I can see this match being affected, along with the King/Perkins match.  Either way, whatever happens here, I'm sure it will be fun, and I am pretty sure we will see an expanded version of the Dynasty when all is said and done.
Prediction: The Dynasty

Final Verdict: The Dynasty (5-1)

As you can imagine, we all highly recommend you go to this show if possible, and buy plenty of past PWG DVDS!

Tag Team Match
Los Luchas (Phoenix Star Zokre) vs. Fightin' Taylor Boys (Brian Cage-Taylor Ryan Taylor)

For shits and giggles, I have included the thoughts from our roundtable before the cancellation of this match was announced.

@MFMad: This match should be a good opening contest. Just wonder where Chuck Taylor is....
Prediction: Los Luchas

@ToeNailUrFace: Honestly, I have seen very little of Los Luchas wrestling and by very little, I mean what I fast forward through on NWA Hollywood. (Boo me if you want, I watch to see PWG regulars mainly.) They seem like a decent tag-team but all my interest in this match is focused on the Taylor Boys and the rivalry they are developing with each other. I'm picking Ryan Taylor to turn on Brian Cage-Taylor to cost them the match.
Prediction: Los Luchas

@kikrusher99: This should be a great opener. I’ve never seen Los Luchas live and the Fightin Taylor Boys are a hellava strong team. I think we’ll see a lot of high flying mixed with the power of Logan…er I mean Cage-Taylor and the kicks or Ryan Taylor. I think FTB will try and ground Los Luchas as much as they can to keep the match at the pace they want it at.
Prediction: I’m thinking the Fighting Taylor Boys will win with Cage-Taylor using that sick finisher of his to get the pinfall.

JP Nichols: By the time I wrote this, it has since been announced that Los Luchas will not be at the show. Had it gone unaffected, I would have picked Brian Cage-Taylor & Ryan Taylor getting the victory.
Prediction: Fightin' Taylor Boys

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