Thursday, December 15, 2011

AR Fox vs. ACH from Beyond Wrestling's Tournament for Tomorrow 2011: Match Spotlight Series #62

Beyond Wrestling has started to release their Tournament for Tomorrow for FREE on Youtube.  You can watch the first match here, and you can look up more information about the tournament on the tournament's micro site.

I reviewed an advance copy of the tournament at 411mania here.  The whole tournament is a lot of fun and absolutely worth watching.

Finally, check out their Facebook page for the latest info as well

My thoughts on the match is below:

Fox is a product of Mr. Hughes training school in Georgia and has been getting a lot of exposure in the last year through Evolve and Dragon Gate USA. ACH is independent wrestler based in Texas. Beyond Wrestling raised money online (similar to a KickStarter campaign) to fly ACH in for the show. 

Surprisingly, these two high flyers start out on the mat trading holds. Things start getting testy early, as both men seem to immediately dislike each other. ACH gets the better of an early exchange and hits an axe kick on the ring apron, while shouting "BOOKER T!" ACH hits a running forearm elbow in the corner and an exploder suplex for a nearfall. Fox comes right back with his nifty kip up Ace Crusher. ACH cuts him off though with a running clothesline to the corner (where he dove through the ropes to the floor). ACH then proceeded to hump the wall outside the ring in celebration. Fantastic! Fox avoided a top rope dive and hit a Trouble in Paradise variation to get back in the match. Fox hit a Skin-The-Cat double boot in the corner (exactly like it sounds) and a split legged senton. ACH then came right back with a Pay Dirt variation for a two count. ACH got trapped in the middle rope (619 style) and Fox gave him a running crossbody. Fox then put him in a HEADLOCK on the ground. After all these cool athletic moves, a headlock being used made me chuckle. ACH came back with some slaps, and then they started trading some big forearms. Both men ran at each other and did the double crossbody spot, which caused the wrestlers in the crowd to mark the fuck out. One of them audibly complained about this match going on first, because that means they would have to follow it. Only in Beyond! ACH hit a cool series of moves for another nearfall. Fox lured ACH to the floor and HIT A SPRINGBOARD 450 SPLASH TO THE FLOOR! THAT WAS SICK! Fox set ACH up on the apron and went for his top rope legdrop, but ACH rolled out of the way and FOX WENT SPLAT! Ok, I will try to explain what happened next. Fox grabbed ACH on the floor with a headlock but ACH escaped by running up a pillar like he was in the fucking Matrix. I didn't do that spot justice. Fox booted ACH in the face and then did his run up the turnbuckle moonsault to the floor. That is never not awesome. Back in the ring, ACH ends up on the turnbuckle and eats a Trouble in Paradise. FOX THEN HITS THE LO MEIN PAIN: 1…2…NO! ACH gets up and traps Fox in the ropes: RUNNING MORTAL KOMBAT KICK! DRAPING CROSS RHODES: 1…2…the ref stopped for no reason. ACH tells him to count again: 1…2…3.

Fox and ACH are natural rivals, and them trying to one-up each other made for a fun story. My one nitpick is that they showed a lot more personality early in the match, and I wish they kept that up towards the end. Everything was still fun at the end, but a little more intensity and visible tension between the two men would have definitely added to it.

Fox has gotten a good platform in DGUSA and Evolve to get over, but this has been his breakout match as far as I am concerned (without seeing any of his non-DGUSA/Evolve stuff before). If you are one of the people who donated to the cause of getting ACH to Beyond, I think you feel that you got your money's worth on this match alone. It's hard to believe that ACH has not already been booked by PWG or DGUSA yet as his athleticism and personality will instantly get him over there.
Match Rating: ***3/4

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