Thursday, October 20, 2011

Match Spotlight Series #43: Chris Dickinson vs. Davey Vega from Beyond Wrestling Of Bosses and Busters

Beyond Wrestling has one of the most unique atmospheres that I have ever heard of: no fans are allowed in the arena for the show.  Yes.  On the surface, that is absolutely baffling to me because wrestling to me is all about creating a reaction and emotional investment in fans (who will then spend more money on the product).  However, Beyond does have people watching the shows live: the other wrestlers on the show.  Basically, it feels like Fight Club without the thirst for the blood.  And I greatly enjoyed this atmosphere; I can't wait to see more.

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Thoughts on the Match:
They started on the mat, which Dickinson was able to control for the most part...Vega came back with some stiff strikes to the head, but Dickinson got to the ropes to avoid further damage...Vega got hung up in the ropes, and Dickinson then hit a coast to coast spring board spike FameAsser (yes): that looked awesome...unfortunately, Vega almost immediately cut him off after that devastating move (I really feel that devastating moves like that should be sold big time for a while, so they seem more meaningful)...Vega worked over Dickinson for a while...Dickinson got hung up in the Tree of Joey Lawrence, and Vega flicked his balls after teasing a cannonball: HEEL, YAY!...Dickinson got in a few hope spots, but Vega maintained control...Dickinson finally made a comeback with some stiff strikes and a seated lariat...Dickinson went for a Springboard move but Vega caught him a triangle armbar; Dickinson came right back with the Rampage Jackson powerbomb....that led to a back and forth strike battle, which ended with a nice Bridging German by Dickinson: 1...2...NO!...more strikes by Dickinson, and he then placed Vega on the top rope...Dickinson went for a top rope hurricanranna, but Davey blocked it and hit a TOP ROPE FINLAY ROLE: 1...2...LEG ON THE ROPES!...Dickinson gets back to his feet, but Vega is able to hit a Discus Lariat to get the 3 count...I really enjoyed this match, because it had the tried and true psychology that almost always works: two guys who look like they are trying their best to win a fight

Of the two, Dickinson seemed to be the better prospect going forward; he mostly just needs to interject some more emotion into his performance...Dickinson stood out to me far more here than he did in his 4 Evolve matches...Vega also is clearly skilled, but his gear looks like Chris Hero circa 2007 without any of the goofiness to justify it...I  understand the desire to look unique, but Vega seems to be playing a serious fighter and I think better gear would be more effective in getting that point across (it's a nitpick but still)
Match Rating: ***1/4

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