Sunday, September 4, 2011

What is the Best in the World?: Editorial Submission

Is there such a thing as the "Best Wrestler in the World?"  CM Punk and Daniel Bryan have used that moniker and many promotions have promoted their world champion as such, but is there truly a best wrestler in the world?  Of all the wrestlers in the world, how do you determine that one of them is the best? If it's possible, who is the best wrestler in the world?

I am not sure about the answer to those questions, so I am looking to you, the readers, to answer them.  Anyone can submit an answer to the question.  You may submit an answer in various ways:

a Tweet (submit to @Shabang728)

an email (submit to

or you can just comment below

Those responses will be gathered and posted together next Sunday, September 11th.  Any response can include your name, twitter handle, facebook page, or anything else (appearance, iPPV, house show, DVD, book, youtube page, etc) you may want to promote.  I will post all responses on a single post, and every response will be posted as long as it is appropriate to the question.

You may also submit your answer in the form of an editorial article, which will be published in full, separate from the rest of the responses.  There is no deadline for editorials and are always welcome.  If you wish to write an editorial on any subject, send it to the email address above.

I am excited for this mini-project and hope we can all start a reasonable conversation where we share our views and respect differences in opinion!

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