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PWG Eight 2011: Random DVD Review Series #45

PWG decided to smell the Steen spirit for the second time

PWG put all of their money behind Kevin Steen and boy did it pay off. Steen was originally just supposed to wrestle PAC, the Dragon Gate stud who used to wrestle regularly for PWG, but then Low-Ki pulled out of the event (and is apparently gone from PWG...again), and Davey Richards got a staph infection. So, Chris Hero (instead of Richards) got the title shot, and PWG decided to bring CIMA back to get revenge on the Young Bucks (for insulting Akira Tozawa). Steen, also seeking revenge, teamed with CIMA to take on the Bucks in a non-title match.  Both of those matches with Steen were great.

After the Hero/Claudio main event, Steen decided that 2 great matches was not enough for him, and he decided that he wanted a shot at Claudio on this night. And Claudio accepted...

Show Review:

Kevin Steen vs. PAC: ****...Steen, "You got fucking huge"...Steen suspects that PAC looks so great because of his armbands, so Steen runs to the back to get his own armbands: "STEEN'S GOT PYTHONS"...PAC shoves him down so Steen wants a TEST OF STRENGTH~!...PAC was overpowering him, so Steen just kicked him...PAC took him down and casually hit a standing Shooting Star Press...PAC went for a Fosbury Flop but Steen dodged it; PAC somehow landed on his feet, and Steen gave him a pop up powerbomb on the apron, and followed it up with a Cactus Elbow...Steen then worked over PAC in the ring...PAC finally came back after a slingshot ace crusher on the apron...PAC then hit a Twisting Asai Body Press onto Steen...Excalibur: "MY NAME IS PAC AND I DO CRAZY SHIT OFF THE TOP ROPE!"...Steen cut him off with a F-5...Steen then hit a top rope Finlay roll and a moonsault but PAC kicked out of both...PAC then hit an Inward 450 splash but Steen kicked out; Hero and Excalibur marked out for that move...Steen gave him a draping spike DDT, which looked brutal, but PAC kicked out...Steen got his knees up on a shooting star, and then small packed PAC for the win...I demand a rematch, because that was incredible...a tad less than 25 minutes

Brandon Gatson vs. Brian Cage-Taylor: **...there is no way they can follow that opener...they went back and forth with lots of moves, which varied in coolness...eventually Brian won with a Gory Bomb neck breaker variation...neither of these guys made an effort to insert character into the match, so I found it quite boring...some of the moves were cool though

Peligro Abejas! (El Generico & Ricochet) vs. Generation Next (Alex Shelley & Roderick Strong): ***3/4...Ricochet was in his Blood Warriors gear, complete with CIMA mow-hawk...they went back and forth for a while, before things started to get pretty testy; Generico was even acting like a dick...Generico hit a sommersault plancha on Shelley, but then Strong tossed Ricochet onto Generico (Excalibur, "using that Freaky Roderick Strength")...Shelley then skull fucked Ricochet, which drew the ire of Generico who threw his cape at Shelley...Gen Next then started working over Richochet, until he was able to fend them off with some cool moves...Generico was ready to make a hot tag, but Strong pulled him off the apron...finally, Ricochet hit a double Pele kick and Generico ran wild...Ricochet wiped out Shelley with a over the turnbuckle, sommersault plancha...Generico got sent to the outside and Ricochet got hit with a Superkick/Angle Slam combo but kicked out at 2...Generico made another comeback with a tornado ddt and a few corner kicks...Generico brainbustered Roddy, but he wasn't the legal man...Shelley held Generico down, as Roddy pinned Ricochet with the Suplex Backbreaker...hell of a match here, but they can actually probably do better which is a scary thought...Generico and Ricochet were mad at each other again after the match, as they have now lost 3 straight matches together...that rematch should happen soon

Peter Avalon vs. Ryan "Honky Tonk" Taylor: **1/4...Avalon had a new haircut and was hugely over with the crowd...they both did spinaroonies at one point and they were both terrible...they went back and forth for a while; Avalon hit a suicide dive, and locked in a headlock...Avalon eventually grabbed a chair, but Brian grabbed it away; Avalon then caused Ryan to run into the chair, and then roll him up for the win...another OK match

The Dynasty (Joey Ryan & Scorpio Sky) vs. The RockNES Monsters (Johnny Goodtime & Johnny Yuma): ***1/2...Ryan and Sky hit sucide dives to start the match; Sky's sommersault plancha was beautiful...they brawled around the ring before the match even started...Dynasty was in control once the match started, but Goodtime hit a Asai Monnsault on Sky to get the Monsters back in the match...Sky and Goodtime then did the Dynamite Kid suplex to the floor...Yuma ate a tombstone and a frog splash but Goodtime saved him and killed Sky and Ryan...Goodtime has been on fire in this match...the Dynasty had the match won, but the Young Bucks distracted the ref...Goodtime then DVDed Yuma onto Ryan for the win...a real fun match that naturally leads to a rematch at BOLA

The Young Bucks vs. CIMA & Kevin Steen: ****...Steen and CIMA are seeking revenge because the Young Bucks interrupted Tozawa's goodbye from PWG at ASW8...CIMA powerslammed Steen onto Matt and then sold what he did like he died...Steen went to powerslam the ref on Matt, but Nick took out his legs, and the Bucks started to work over Steen...Steen superkicked the Bucks and tagged in CIMA who RAN WILD...the four men went back and forth with huge moves...finally Steen locked in a sharpshooter on Matt, and the CIMA hit a Meteora to the back of Matt's head, and Matt was forced to tap...Steen and CIMA seemed confused that it was non-title...Bucks teased that they wanted their TNA jobs back, because Reseda is a dump...this match was so much fun and I can't wait to see CIMA back in PWG...the Bucks said PWG was built on their backs and that CIMA hasn't been here since 2006 (lie) and that Steen should go get "fake fired" by another promotion; Steen chased them out of the arena...CIMA got on the mic and said thank you very much....CIMA announced that Dragon Gate would be back in Los Angeles in January (for Wrestlereunion)...CIMA then got the fans to chant TOZAWA...awesome all around segment

Claudio Castagnoli(c) vs. Chris Hero (PWG Title): ***1/2...Claudio and Hero were showing a lot of sportsmanship at first...they traded holds for almost 15 minutes before Hero gave him a stiff baseball slide kick...Claudio got a dragon screw on the apron and then started working over Hero's leg...Claudio worked over the knee a the 30 minute mark, Hero started his comeback (I shit you not)...Claudio went for a springboard uppercut but Hero caught him with an elbow...Claudio almost got counted out and then as soon as he got back in the ring, he ate an elbow...Claudio cut him off and hit a single leg Giant Swing (on the injured knee), and the stretch muffler...Hero somehow managed to get to the ropes: that was an excellent payoff to the extensive knee work...Hero came back and hit a huge elbow, but Claudio kicked out...Claudio got a standing Stretch Muffler to get the win...about 35 minutes and it was really good...Kevin Steen leaves the commentary and gets on the mic in the ring...Steen wanted a title match and the fans wanted it now...Claudio says no...Claudio then jumped Steen from behind and the MATCH STARTED!

Claudio Castagnoli(c) vs. Kevin Steen (PWG Title): 10 Billion Stars...Steen immediately got the Sharpshooter and the crowd was going nuts, and CLAUDIO TAPPED, but the ref didn't see it...The Young Bucks came out and double super-kicked Steen; Steen kicked out and the fans went nuts again...Sky and Ryan then started fighting with the Bucks..."MR WRESTLING"...Claudio went for the Ricola Bomb but CODE RED, SUPERKICK, PACKAGE PILEDRIVER: 1, 2, 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....STEEN IS THE NEW CHAMP!...the crowd certainly agreed with everything that just thanked Claudio and Hero so they probably thought they were leaving for the WWE

Final Thoughts: Kevin Steen is the fucking man...nothing else really needs to be said quite frankly...Order this show right fucking now (here)

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