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Interview with Nick Madrid of NWA Hollywood

Nick Madrid is one of the hot prospects of NWA Hollywood. A former student of Lance Storm, Madrid is now based in California living his dream of being a professional wrestler. NWA Hollywood airs their TV show every Saturday night locally in Los Angeles and it is available on their website HERE:

Their next TV taping is Sunday September, 11at 3pm. Tickets are only $15 and include FREE BEER for fans 21 and up.

If you have never heard of Nick Madrid, check out his "Who am I" page on the NWA Hollywood website: HERE

TJ Hawke: How did you come to the decision to get professional wrestling training with Lance Storm at the Storm Wrestling Academy? Did you get any sort of training before that?

Nick Madrid: The decision to start my training with Lance Storm at his Storm Wrestling Academy was a quick and easy decision. I wanted to be trained by someone who had done all of the things that I wanted to do and who had been to all of the places that I wanted to go in professional wrestling. That left me with a pretty short list of places, and of those few places I felt that Lance and The SWA would be the best fit for me to begin my training.

Prior to The SWA, I had absolutely zero professional wrestling training.

TJ: How did the three months of training go with Lance? What would a typical day be like at the Storm Wrestling Academy? Do you still keep in touch with Lance today?

NM: The three months of training with Lance was one of the best times in my life. I had worked hard during my last year of school to save as much money as I could so that I could make wrestling my life during my three months in Calgary and that's exactly what I did.

We trained 5 days a week at The Storm Wrestling Academy with weekends off. A regular day consisted of stretching before class, cardio, and then a collection of drills that would build upon each other with something new introduced every day. We went from him teaching us how to lock up in the first few days of class all the way to having matches with each other the last few weeks before graduation.

Yes, Lance and I still keep in touch. I've kept him updated with how things are going on my end and he has given me feedback. It's not all wrestling talk though, he chimes in every now and then on Facebook about various topics, especially his favorite invention ever, the Amazon Kindle. He's always been real easy to talk to and I think like any trainer, he has an interest in how his students develop.

TJ: How did you come to the decision to move your training to Mach 1 Wrestling? How have Joey Ryan and Johnny Goodtime been as trainers?

NM: Long story short, I ended up continuing my training at Mach 1 Wrestling because the Owner, Jon Ian, responded to my e-mail within 5 minutes of me sending it out.

At the time I still had an apartment and a job in San Diego and had every intention to return to both. With less than a month left to go with the SWA I decided to e-mail M1W back home in Orange County and another school back in my second home of San Diego to see about continuing my training with one of the two schools. Jon replied enthusiastically to my message within minutes and with that I was all set to move back home to start training with two guys I was huge fans of.

I couldn't have asked for two better trainers in Joey Ryan and Johnny Goodtime. Lance gave me all of the basic tools to get started in Professional Wrestling, but I figured out what to do with those tools with the countless hours of training and help from Joey and Goodtime. I cannot recommend them enough to anyone looking to train in Southern California.

TJ: What was the process of getting to work for NWA Hollywood? What have been you proudest moments and matches so far in the promotion?

NM: The process of getting the opportunity to work for NWA Hollywood was an evolution. Before one of M1W's Friday Fight Night shows last spring, Dave Marquez had a meeting with all of the wrestlers and gave us a heads up that a Television show was in the works. Eventually the deal became official and NWA Championship Wrestling From Hollywood on KDOC-TV was announced. Being that this was only a few months into my career I assumed that at most I might be lucky enough to be on a taping here and there, but to my surprise I was informed that I would be featured on the show as a part of the main roster.

I think my proudest moments and matches in NWA Hollywood would definitely have to be my debut against Claudio Castagnoli on the first set of tapings, my huge win over NWA World's Champion, Adam Pearce at the beginning of 2011, and coming into my own ever since with matches with Peter Avalon, Austin Aries, and Joey Kaos to name a few.

TJ: Where else are you wrestling at the moment? As a SoCal guy, are you hoping to be working for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla soon?

NM: Currently I wrestle for NWA Championship Wrestling From Hollywood in Hollywood (not Santa Ana ;)), Mach 1 Wrestling in Anaheim, New Wave Pro Wrestling and SoCal Pro Wrestling in San Diego and West Coast Wrestling Connection in Salem, Oregon.

As a matter of fact, yes, I absolutely hope to work for Pro Wrestling Guerilla soon.

TJ: What are your goals for your professional wrestling career? Is WWE the ultimate goal?

NM: My goals in wrestling are very matter of fact, I want to wrestle all over the world and learn everything that I can so that I may continue to progress and become a better wrestler with the hope of turning what I love to do into a career.

Yes, WWE is my ultimate goal. No matter what field we are talking about, there are always those iconic places that everyone knows and that signify greatness. For me, as a wrestler, that place is the WWE.

TJ: Thanks Nick for taking the time to do the interview. Is there anything you would like to plug?

NM: You're welcome! Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to talk with you.

I'd like to ask everybody in the area to come out and help celebrate our one year anniversary at NWA Hollywood with our 12th TV taping on Sunday September, 11at 3pm. Tickets are only $15 and include FREE BEER for fans 21 and up. For info and to watch the latest and all episodes of NWA Championship Wrestling From Hollywood please visit

I'll also be wrestling this month for M1W on 9/2, 9/9, and 9/16 in Anaheim at the American Sports Center at 8pm and for WCWC in Salem, OR on 9/24 at the Salem Armory at 5pm.

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Here are some matches of Nick Madrid

vs. Joey Ryan

vs. Peter Avalon

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