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Interview with Scorpio Sky of PWG and NWA Hollywood

Scorpio Sky has been a professional wrestler since 2002 and has a Mixed Martial Arts record of 1-0.  He has in the past competed for Wrestling Society X and recently had a tryout with the WWE.  He currently works for NWA Hollywood (where he is the reigning Television Champion) and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla.  

NWA Hollywood airs their TV show every Saturday night locally in Los Angeles and it is available on their website HERE .  Their next TV taping is Sunday September, 11at 3pm. Tickets are only $15 and include FREE BEER for fans 21 and up.  

Sky is set to challenge for the PWG World Tag Titles at the next show, The Perils of Rock 'n' Roll Decadence, with his tag partner, Joey Ryan. That show will take place on September 10th in Reseda, California.  You can purchase tickets for that show HERE 

TJ Hawke: First off, I read that you just won your first MMA fight.  Congratulatuions!  When and how did you get started with MMA?  What did you think of your performance in the first fight?  Have you tried to incorporate your MMA training into your wrestling persona/repertoire in anyway?

Scorpio Sky: Thank you. I have always been into MMA. I can remember ordering the PPVs back in 93 or whatever. I think it was something I've always wanted to try but didn't get serious about it until recent years. I did pretty well for my first time out. The fans were really happy with the fight and we actually almost won fight of the night. I've kept such a busy schedule I didn't get to train the way I would have wanted to though and I felt it during the fight. So in regards to that I was disappointed in my performance. I had the guy down and took his back early in the 1st round and had I been a little sharper I think I could of finished him. But overall my cornermen were happy and I did get the finish in the 3rd so I'm very happy with that.

I have actually been using mixed martial arts as a part of my wrestling style since 2003. In 2009 when I started training in it again I began using it more and more. Now it seems most of my character and style is all MMA based. Which fits me. Face it, I don't have the Hulk Hogan wrestler kind of build. I'm built like a fighter, so it makes the most sense for me to go that route character wise.

TJ: On September 10th, you and Joey Ryan will be competing against Young Bucks for the PWG World Tag Titles.  How do you feel about this matchup?  Are you excited to be working for PWG regularly again?  Why did you take a near 2 year-long break (besides one match in 2010) from the company?

SS: Believe it or not but this will be my first time competing for the PWG tag titles since July 2005 lol. When QuickSilver and I won them from Arrogance, and I lost my mask. I'm excited about the match. I think Joey and I are starting to hit our stride as a team and it's showing in our matches. The Young Bucks have been the #1 or #2 tag team in the world for years now, in my opinion. Quality goes with the name Young Bucks. When you have YB on the marqee, you know you are going to see something great. So with these 4 elements coming together I don't think we're gonna stink up the joint lol Hopefully.

As for the 2 year break, PWG and I had some differences that are well in the past now. We just needed to get away from each other lol. It's starting to sound like a couple isn't it? Anyway, as I said it's in the past and I don't even think about it anymore. I'm glad I came back! I'm enjoying myself and starting to feel more at home there every show. I think we have a good relationship now and it will only get better with time. I like working there, and hope they enjoy having me.

TJ: On September 11th, you will be at the next set of NWA Hollywood TV tapings, where you are the TV Champ?  Do you know who are working with that night?  How have your experiences been with that company?

SS: I don't know who I'm facing but I do know he's going down! lol I love NWA Hollywood! It's great being a part of a product that's putting out a weekly show(on TV or the internet) showcasing some of the best in the area. It's fun watching the show grow and I don't see it doing anything but getting better. The guys behind the scenes are passionate, and everyone works hard to just get better. With that kind of attitude there's no place to go but up and I hope everyone supports us.

TJ: It was reported that you had a couple of WWE tryout matches a couple weeks back with Joey Ryan and the Young Bucks.  How did you feel that the tryouts went (reports were that the matches were off the charts)?  Have you had contact with the company since the tryouts?

SS: There's a lot I cannot speak about but I can say it was a great experience. Especially working with William Regal. He is a true legend and the information he passed on to us over those few days definitely upped my game. I've been backstage at WWE before and had similar tryout situations but this one was better than the others. Regal really wanted to see what we had and to if nothing else, make us better. And he did! Aside from that it was pretty cool finding out how many of the guys watch NWA Hollywood. I'm not going to name names but there was a guy whos name rhymes with Biz who was overheard saying he watched NWA Hollywood the night before SummerSlam. Then he did a move at SummerSlam that I did the night before on NWA lol. No disrespect, I consider it a compliment. It's cool to know the guys in the big time are watching our show.

TJ: For this section of the interview, I was hoping you could share your thoughts on some recent prominent matches from your career:

PWG Seven 2010: Scorpio Sky vs. Scott Lost

SS: Having somebody choose you to be their final match is an ultimate respect and compliment. I've had the pleasure of being picked by 2 great friends and incredible workers. I have been very close friends with Scott since 2003-2004. We've been everything from close friends to near brothers. I slept next to the guy for a month in Japan, no homo lol. I have never been shy about expressing my admiration for his work. I think he's the best I've ever been in the ring with. Doing this match was a pleasure. I know he was happy with it, as was I. And that's all that matters.

NWA Hollywood: Your Best of 5 series with Austin Aries

SS: When it all started it was just business as usual. But this thing really took off and people got into it. I'm glad everybody seemed to enjoy it and I have to thank Austin for always bringing it, I have a feeling though. It's not over!

All-Star Weekend 8: Dynasty vs. Fightin' Taylor Boys and Dynasty vs. Cutler Brothers (which turned out to be the last PWG match for the Cutler Brothers)

SS: I don't know why the Cutlers are done. Those guys were always great to work with and have around. They were coming into their own at NWA Hollywood as well. I think they always kinda had the Young Bucks shadow over them, which you cannot blame anyone for. The Bucks are great and cast a huge shadow. But the Cutlers were great on their own and getting better. I hope they are happy with the decision, we'll still be friends so it's cool. As for the match, I got eye poked early on and really couldn't see ANYTHING for the rest of the match. I just remember getting poked then blindly trying a springboard and slipping. When I say I got poked, I mean POKED! As in I had to reset my eye back in place. All I saw was black for the rest of the match while everyone probably wondered "Why is Scorpio overselling?" lol Jeez!
The Taylor boys are talented guys. It was a fun match. I hope Brian's shoulder gets better so he can get back in the ring. I love facing Ryan because he's got a similar style as mine but just different enough for it to work.

Questions from the #PWGKliq on Twitter

@ToeFukUrFace: Do you ever want to go back to wrestling under a mask?

SS: I believe I am much better without it, but I do want to go back to it from time to time just on a special ocasion kind of thing.

@MFMad: How did your commercials with the WWE get set up (John Cena FU'd you through a park bench, right?)?  How would you market yourself to the WWE?

SS: They called, and I showed up. That particular commercial was cool. John is an awesome guy. We have a few mutual friends and we got time to sit and just chat. I think I'm the type of guy you can throw anything infront of and I'll make it work. That'll work in WWE. They need guys like that.

Scorpio Sky can be contacted on Twitter: @ScorpioSky

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