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PWG All-Star Weekend Night 2 2011: Random DVD Review Series #38

Goodbye Akira Tozawa...and Low Ki, Austin Aries, The Cutler Bros...

The second night of All-Star Weekend 2011 will be best remembered for the beautiful and respectful sendoff of Akira Tozawa from ProWrestling Guerrilla. PWG will miss him dearly.

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Show Review:

Kenny King vs. Brian Cage-Taylor (w/ Chuck Taylor): **1/4...this is one random matchup...Cage-Taylor seems to have embraced the fact that he looks like Wolverine, and bought some Wolverine-like tights...the crowd was very impressed with King's athleticism...after some back-n-forth action, King won with a kick to the face and the Coronation...Cage was bleeding pretty badly aterwords...a solid match...King should get a better opportunity next time he is booked by PWG

RockNES Monsters vs. Nightmare Violence Connection (Kevin Steen & Akira Tozawa): ***1/2...this was supposed to be Tozawa's last match with PWG...the Monsters attacked before the bell rings because they are looking for revenge...Steen/Tozawa easily got the advantage and worked over Yuma and then Goodtime for a while...after a ton of back-n-forth action, Steen pinned Yuma after a sick package piledriver on the apron...a fun match...Steen compliments the Monsters and then starts a goodbye speech for gave them the streamer treatment, but then the Young Bucks came out and attacked them before Chris Hero (who was on commentary) made the save...Steen threatened to castrate the Bucks after that..Hero tells Tozawa that PWG is his home, and the fans chant for him to come back...Hero then layed down a challenge to Tozawa for one more match...the fans nearly collectively came in their pants at the prospect

Ricochet vs. Willie Mack: ***1/4...crowd was mostly split on who they were rooting for...Willie displayed his excellent athleticism early on, as Ricochet mostly took a backseat...the match started much slower than expected but they did a lot of fun stuff down the stretch...Ricochet eventually won with a beautiful shooting star press...a good midcard match

The Dynasty (Joey Ryan & Scorpio Sky) vs. Cutler Bros.: **1/4...the Cutlers were insulted that the fans wanted them to get chopped the night before by Roddy Strong...this matchup does not excite me...a real pedestrian match that did not enage me in any way...Sky eventually tapped out a Cutler with an ankle lock...The Cutlers retired soon after this show

El Generico vs. Eddie Edwards: ****...this is the first time these two have ever had a singles match...Steen was openly (and hilariously) cheering for Edwards while on commentary...Edwards worked over Generico for most of the match until a hot finishing sequence...Eddie kicked out of the Michinoku Driver on the ring apron, which probably just should have been the finish...Eddie hit a series of big moves but Generico kept kicking out before finally submitting to the achilles lock...a great match

Young Bucks(c) vs. Generation Next (Austin Aries & ROderick Strong) (PWG Tag Titles): ***3/4...Aries hit a heatseeking tope to start the match...the match then had some crowd brawling...Gen Next started beating them up in the bathrooms...the Bucks then got the heat on Roddy before Austin got the hot tag...there was a tremendous finishing sequence; it looked like Gen Next had the win but the Bucks got a roll-up victory...a real fun title match

Akira Tozawa vs. Chris Hero: ****...they were trading moves back-n-forth for a while...the match turned in Hero's favor after he hit a roaring elbow during a Tozawa Suicide Dive, "My is Chris Hero and I THROW ELBOWS" (Excalibur); that was an amazing spot...Hero was just abusing Tozawa after that with kicks, elbows, and slaps...that caused the crowd to rally behind Tozawa even more...Tozawa was then able to roll through the Lyger bomb with a Shining Wizard to the back of Hero's head...Hero then hit some more big moves but Tozawa kept kicking out...Tozawa hit 5 saito suplexes in a row and then followed it up with an arm trap Everest German suplex for the victory...a great match but not as good as their BOLA match...Steen came out and hugged Tozawa...crowd poured the love onto Tozawa...Tozawa then gave a speech where he cried his eyes out and screamed how much he loved absolutely great moment in ProWrestling Guerilla history

Claudio Castagnoli(c) vs. Low-Ki (PWG Title): ***3/4...the early feeling-out process saw the advantage go to Ki...Claudio was eventually able to get the advantage with his strength; he gave Ki a Giant Swing with 20 revolutions...Ki made a comeback after a great double stomp...Claudio went for another Giant Swing, but Ki reversed it into a Dragon Sleeper...Claudio responded with a flying uppercut and the UFO...Claudio went for a pop up uppercut but Ki double stomped Claudio's arm; Ki followed that up with an impressive Ki Crusher but Claudio kicked out...Ki then kicked out of the Riccola Bomb...Claudio then hit a pop up uppercut for the victory...the action was very good but the crowd was not hot at all, which definitely took the match down a few pegs

Final Thoughts on the Show: the second half of this show makes the card pretty dam great and worth buying...I think both nights suffered from too high of expectations and poor structuring of the cards (clearly each show should have finished with a Tozawa match)

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