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Interview with Jon Davis of Dragon Gate USA, Evolve, FIP, and PWF


Jon Davis is a member of the Dragon Gate USA and Evolve rosters. He is also a member of the tag team, The Dark City Fight Club. DCFC are the current NWA, NWA Florida and FIP tag team champions. Davis is set to compete at the next triple-shot weekend of shows for Dragon Gate USA.

DGUSA will be in Indianapolis on September 9th, Chicago on September 10th and Milwaukee on September 11th. The Chicago and Milwaukee shows are scheduled to air live on iPPV at All information on the shows can be found at

All information on Evolve can be found at

All information on FIP can be found at

All information on PWF can be found at

Jon Davis cut the following promo for the upcoming DGUSA shows:

TJ Hawke: First off, I wanted to ask you about your fantastic promo that Dragon Gate USA just released. What was the process for developing the final product that we all saw? Did you come up with it all yourself, or was it more of joined effort with DGUSA booker, Gabe Sapolsky?

Jon Davis: I don’t know if I want to call it a promo really. Gabe asked me how I felt about where I’m at in the company right now and that was my response. There was no real process as much as setting up a camera and talking. I’m not that dude that walks around like I’m the greatest of all time as that’s a retrospective statement made by your peers and fans long after you’re done. But with that said, no one should just walk into a top spot and I am very confident in my ability and at least would like to chance to prove that I can hang with anyone on the roster.

TJ: After earning a DGUSA roster sport over their 2nd Anniversary weekend, how do you feel about your huge first weekend as an official member of their roster?

JD: I feel good about it. I feel like I belong here and as evidenced in the promo we were just talking about. DGUSA has one of if not the most talented rosters in the WORLD. The things that I’ve seen in my short time here are incredible. This a company full of PURE ATHLETES and the matches that take place between the ropes in a DGUSA ring are second to none.

TJ: While the Dark City Fight Club is still going strong (including holding the FIP and NWA tag titles currently), with DGUSA and Evolve, you seemed to put focus on your singles career. What lead you to move forward with your singles career, over your tag team career, on two of the biggest independent wrestling stages in America?

JD: I’m still focused on DCFC. But when you sit at the top, you have to await challengers. We will take on any team at anytime and pride ourselves to being two time NWA world champions, FIP world tag champions and fighting champions at that. However, Kory and I both started as singles wrestlers and have decided that there is no reason we can’t do both. Look for Kory to pop up somewhere sometime soon. But as far as I go, it was more of a respect thing. I felt like Kory was the more established of us and deservedly so. He has been around for a while and already had a high level of respect everywhere we went. People knew him at any building we walked into. I was just the big light skinned guy that was Rainman’s partner. I didn’t like that. At all. So once we decided that we would start working on singles careers as well, Gabe was the first person I contacted. We have been cool for a number of years now and he has always understood how I felt in wanting to prove myself and when I contacted him he provided me the platform to do just that.

TJ: How have your experiences been so far with DGUSA & Evolve?

JD: They have been awesome. I’ve been able to study some of the best doing it today and learn more of the hybrid style of DGUSA. It forces me to become better.

TJ: While your career is currently flourishing with DGUSA and Evolve, I would say your first real taste of the big stage was with Ring of Honor, as a member of the Dark City Fight Club. How was your Ring of Honor experience? What were you told by the ROH officials after they stopped using you and Kory Chavis in the fall of 2010?

JD: I had a lot of fun in ROH. We came in during a big transitional period and were there for the start of a new booker as well as television. I made a lot of friends there and still have a lot of friends there now, even after the cuts. Other than never sleeping a single minute in the city of Chicago while on the road with them (shout out to Rosa’s), I look back on my time there and smile. As far as us leaving in 2010, we were actually asked to take a little time off. After talking with the office, we decided that we should part ways so we could pursue other opportunities. Both parties agreed and here we are now.

TJ: For this section of the interview, I was hoping you could share your thoughts on some prominent matches from your career:

ECW TV 8/4/2008: Jon Davis vs. Ricky Ortiz

JD: I was able to spend 2 days inside the machine that is the WWE. I was allowed the chance to watch and learn how the product operates as well as meet some of the guys I watched as a kid in the back. As far as the match goes…………

ROH 8th Anniversary Show: Dark City Fight Club vs. Briscoes for the ROH Tag Titles

JD: First of two title shots that we received while we were in ROH. Though the DCFC and the Briscoes have never really seen eye to eye on anything in the ring, it was a solid match in front of one of the best crowds. My main worry was my quad. I actually strained it training for the match and had to put bio freeze on it as well as wrap it so I could move it with minimal pain.

ROH Pick Your Poison: Dark City Fight Club vs. The American Wolves

JD: Easily my favorite match while with ROH. All four of us walked in with chips on our shoulders for one reason or another and delivered one of the most hard hitting, balls to the wall match ups of the year for ROH. Eddie and Davey are two of the best as singles wrestlers and crazily enough seem to be better as a team. We were all beat up after the match, but I’m sure if you asked either team to do it again we would without hesitation.

Evolve 7: Jon Davis vs. Johnny Gargano

JD: I walked into this match not sure what to expect. I was unknown in the company with the exception of one tag match at Evolve 1. I knew a little about Johnny as I had seen some of his work, but once we got in the ring it was another story. Though I had roughly 50-70 pounds on him he didn’t back down. It was a surprisingly hard hitting match both ways and I still have no idea how he kicked out of the combo I hit him with when I caught him coming of the top. I was also thrown off by the support that I got from the crowd and I think that’s what I remember most. Evolve and DGUSA fans are extremely loyal, and I wasn’t expecting to be welcomed right away. There was a part near the end when crowd was very audibly chanting “lets go Davis”, I almost wanted to stop and soak in the moment but I knew that doing so would result in Johnny kicking my head off. Though the match didn’t go as I wanted, I still really liked it and will look back on it as one of the defining moments of my singles career. That was the match where people started to notice me. And though Johnny is getting his due now, I want to go on record and say that I still don’t think he has reached his full potential.

Evolve 8: Jon Davis vs. Tony Nese and Jon Davis vs. AR Fox

JD: My match with Tony was our first encounter. I had met him before but wasn’t too familiar with his work overall. I know that he started incorporating strikes into his offense, but wasn’t aware of just how hard those strikes were. In the end, it was a back and forth, close match that saw my power get me the victory. With Fox it was a little different. I honestly underestimated him. There were a few times when I probably could have put him away and hesitated, and it came back and bit me in the end. But he deserved the win and didn’t disappoint me in the finals.

TJ: Finally, what are your ultimate goals for your career?

JD: My ultimate goal is simple. Reach my potential and prove to people that I am not one to be taken lightly, looked over or underestimated. I’m not just a kick-and-punch big man. When it’s all said and done, I want people to look back over my career and be able to point out certain points or accomplishments that I achieved and appreciate my contributions to the business I love.

Jon Davis can be contacted on twitter at @JonDavis817

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