Monday, June 6, 2011

PWG Card Subject to Change 2011: Random DVD Review Series #36

As you can guess by the name of this show, PWG had to change the lineup of the show after Kevin Steen had a family medical emergency at the last minute. Steen was originally supposed to team with Akira Tozawa to take on the RockNES Monsters. So instead, PWG booked Tozawa to face Low-Ki (who was supposed to face Roddy Strong), and Roddy Strong to face Willie Mack (who was supposed to face Brian Cage-Taylor who also was no longer on the show). Despite the last minute changes, PWG still manged to put together a strong lineup. Also, while I missed Kevin Steen greatly, his forced absence thankfully allowed PWG to change the name of show. Originally the show was going to be 'WINNING!', which would have sucked given that everyone had already gotten over Charlie Sheen's craziness.

Match Ratings:

Peter Avalon vs. Johnny Yuma: **1/2...Excalibur and Joey Ryan debate whether or not this should be considered the first 'minis' match in PWG history...Yuma controlled most of the match early on until Avalon hit a standing moonsault off the apron to the floor...Avalon put him in some holds until Yuma made a nice comeback, which included a gutwrench sitting powerbomb...late in the match, Yuma got trapped in the Tree of Woe and Avalon hit a sick double knee press...Yuma then kicked out of the Tiger Bomb which got the crowd to really rally behind Yuma...Yuma kicked out of the Made in Japan (pumphandle neckbreaker) and then Yuma hit the Sex-factor for the 1-2-3...Yuma certainly looked strong for kicking out of all the big moves...both of these guys have a lot of potential because of their ability to connect with the crowd

Candice LeRae vs. Portia Perez: *1/2...crowd was fairly quiet during the first part of the match bu they woke up after LeRae hit a suicide dive...LeRae eventually won with a crucifix pin...match featured a lot of armdrags...the actual work was fine but I was never really invested in the match...LeRae would be better served to be booked in a proper feud as opposed to just sporadically having matches (that's the case of most of the lesser known SoCal guys though)

Roderick Strong vs. Willie Mack: ***1/2...the crowd came alive for this match after Willie showed that he was not going to back down from Roddy...Willie delivered a tremendous chop at one point, which actually sounded louder than Roddy's chops...Excalibur: "MY NAME IS RODERICK STRONG AND I THROW CHOPS"...great sequence: Mack hit a Samoan Drop and then kipped up which he followed with a standing moonsault...Roddy finished the match with a great sequence: he hit a fireman's carry gutbuster, Strong Hold, a superkick and finally the Sick Kick to get the win...real fun match...the match did not finish at it's peak but it made Mack look like he could be a future top player in the promotion

Low-Ki vs. Akira Tozawa: ***3/4...crowd was electric after the entrances for this match; match felt like a BIG DEAL, which is incredible since no one in the crowd knew about it in advance...after a couple of great early sequences, Ki grabbed a microphone and said "You know damn well you won't see that on WWE TV"...this was another real good match...however, it has the same problem as the Mack/Strong match, which is that the match peaked about half way through...still though, a damn good match

Johnny Goodtime vs. Ryan Taylor: **...Goodtime immediately hit a sommersault plancha before Ryan got into the ring...match started fairly hot but the crowd died half way through for some reason...this match went really long and had no heat...if the match was closer to 7-9 minutes and all action, it would have gotten more over with the crowd

Claudio Castagnoli(c) vs. Joey Ryan (PWG Title): ***1/2...Joey swore that he would wrestle this match without any shenanigans...Claudio out-wrestled Joey early and did it in very entertaining fashion; this went on for over 10 minutes and never ceased to be fun...finally Joey poked Claudio in the eye instead of agreeing to a test of strength...Joey proceeded to work over the arm for a while...Claudio started a comeback but Joey cut him off with a tornado DDT to the floor...Claudio went for the Brogue Kick, but he hit the ref by mistake...Joey took advantage and hit Claudio with a belt shot, but Claudio managed to kick out...they had a good finishing sequence...Claudio finally locked in the Stretch Muffler and Joey tapped out instantly...real fun match...this match slowly build to and then peaked at the finish...good stuff

¡Peligro Abejas! (El Generico & Ricochet)(c) vs. the Young Bucks (PWG Tag Titles): ***3/4
...obviously, the Danger Bees are actually Generico and Paul London but London has not been on any of the 2011 shows so far, so Ricochet was his replacement...Excalibur explained that Paul London was called away on urgent 'Space Business' and that the Intergalactic Space Council elected Ricochet as his replacement...the Bucks as usual declared that they are actually GenerationMe from TNA...the Bucks got the heat twice before Generico and Ricochet started to make an epic comeback...Bucks almost stole the match after a low blow/roll up spot...the fans sounded like they were crying when the Bucks began to set up More Bang for Your Buck on Ricochet...match went too long; they probably didn't need that extended heat sequence or the overkill on the finishing sequence...still though, I'm glad they put the belts on the Bucks as they will get great heat for their defenses...Generico and Ricochet did not have heat with each other after the match...Ricochet needs to be on as many PWG shows as possible

Final Thoughts on the Show: I would say this is as 'middle of the road' as PWG is going to get in 2011...the real problem with this show is that there is no match that is really worth going out of your way to see and most PWG shows have 2-3 matches worth going out of your way to see...however, this is still a fun show and you will enjoy it if you watch

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