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Interview with Michael Elgin of ROH

Michael Elgin is the powerhouse of the House of Truth stable in Ring of Honor. The House of Truth currently also consists of Roderick Strong, Christopher Daniels and the stable's founder, Truth Martini. He debuted with ROH full time at Survival of the Fittest 2010 and has made a tremendous impact on the promotion and with the fans. Since debuting with Ring of Honor, he has had matches with some of the great performers in the promotion's history, including El Generico, Christopher Daniels, Homicide and current ROH World Champion, Eddie Edwards. He is scheduled to compete at Ring of Honor's next big iPPV, Best in the World. All the information on that event can be found at the event's micro-site: http://www.rohwrestling.com/bestintheworld/. All other information on Ring of Honor can obviously be found at ROHwrestling.com
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TJ Hawke: You burst onto the national scene with Ring of Honor in 2010, but before that you seemed to be a relative unknown. Where did you get start training to become a professional wrestler? How did the training process for you go?

Michael Elgin: Well, first I like to think I was known a bit, from my work in IWA-MS and other various North American companies, but ROH definitely put me on a bigger map.

I actually started training when I was 14; I had been a long time fan and always wanted to do it. At 13, I was close to 300lbs of fat, and decided i wanted to be a wrestler. I went all the way down to 170 and found a summer wrestling camp, I went to it and stayed there until I turned 16. At 16, I knew that school was not for me and stumbled upon Squared Circle Training out of Toronto and I never turned back. It was a great school and during my time there we had countless guess trainers, from Joe E Legend and Tyson Dux to Edge and Christian. I had my first real match that year at the age of 16 and have been doing it ever since.

TJ: After you started your training, what promotions did you regularly work for before signing with Ring of Honor? How were those early experiences?

ME: Around home, my base promotion was BSE. It was a great promotion and always was home; all my co-trainees were a part of it plus the guys who helped train me. Following that, I worked for many promotions in Canada and the US. But I did spend almost 3 years at IWA-MS which was a blast. Ian Rotten, no matter what people say about him, was good to me and gave me many opportiunities to work with people who helped mold me. As well as GCW in my hometown helped mold me. Between IWA and GCW, I ws able to work with Jay Lethal, Samoa Joe, Robert Roode, Johny Devine, 2 Cold Scorpio, Billy Gunn, Trevor Murdock, AJ Styles, Rhino and so many more.

TJ: Before joining ROH, you had some tryout matches with CZW and DGUSA if I am not mistaken. How did those matches go? Did you get any feedback from those companies' officials?

ME: At CZW I didn't get much feedback, but it was a pleasure and would love to work for them again. I had one match with DGUSA at their show in Toronto. I had felt it went well, and the Japanese talent were very supportive and high on me. Nothing came from it, but looking back everything worked out for me; I am very happy with ROH and couldn't see myself anywhere else right now.

TJ: Before working ROH full time, you had tryout matches with the company in 2007 and 2008. How did those matches go? Did it seem like you would get more opportunities with ROH at those times?

ME: I loved being on the ROH shows; it was a true pleasure. I felt my performances were good, but I wasn't at the level I needed to be at. Then it took me to become who I am inside the ring now, which is what I needed. I don't think I would be in the same position I am in now if I got a better shot then. I did feel I would get more opportunities, and I knew when the chance came my way I'd have it locked.

TJ: In 2010, you were immediately put into a high profile position. How did it feel to get put with the House of Truth upon re-debuting in ROH? How have Truth Martini and Roderick Strong helped you since that time?

ME: It felt like I finally achieved something. Being a part of ROH was always a goal and finally getting it gave me a true feeling of pride and accomplishment. Truth Martini has actually been a huge help since I started. He booked my first match for me and always had great advice when we were at the same shows. He's very knowledgeable and if I had lived closer I would have trained with him. Roderick Strong is a true pro and great mentor. He has been very welcoming and loves to give me pointers. I repsect both men fully and am glad to be working with them

TJ: Just since you debuted, you've been able to work against the Briscoes, Christopher Daniels, El Generico, Eddie Edwards, and Homicide. How have you grown as a performer in the short time you've been with Ring of Honor full time? Who else would like to work with going forward?

ME: You just listed some of the best wrestlers in the world, and if you work with people like them and don't improve then get out of Wrestling. Everyone I have worked with since sarting with ROH has been amazing, and truly an honor to share a ring with them. I feel working with men like that has given me a confidence and new poise in the ring. They all truly made me better.

As for people I would like to work with, Davey Richards, WGTT, Kings of Wrestling and Kenny King are all men I have never been across from in a ring and would love to. ROH has such a great roster tough it is truly an amazing group of guys and wrestling any of them would be my pleasure

TJ: You have already made a great impression with the ROH fans who are continuously impressed with your matches every time out. What are your goals going forward in ROH? What are your long term aspirations for your professional wrestling career?

ME: I want to be ROH World Champion; I want people to look at ROH and see me in the same limelight as the past stars the company has produced. I promise I will accomlish both goals as I am a man of my word.

I also want to work in Japan. Wrestling is so repected in Japan and it has some amazing athetes. I see myself doing well there given a chance.

Michael Elgin can be reached on
Twitter: @UnbreakableELG
Facebook: for bookings and for upcoming shows he will be on

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