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PWG DDT4 2011: Random DVD Review Series #33

The Dynamite Duumvirate Tag Team Title Tournament! This is my favorite tournament of the year, 3 years running. I truly love tag team wrestling, and I despise the WWE for burying the entire concept of tag teams and the importance of the tag titles. Luckily, PWG, once a year, brings some of the best tag teams in North America together for a one night tournament. The Kings of Wrestling, American Wolves, Briscoe Brothers, and the Young Bucks (GenerationMe in TNA) have been four of the most respected tag teams in recent years on the indy scene. The Cutler Brothers and the RockNES Monsters have been gradually developing a following in the SoCal indy scene including appearances on NWA Hollywood TV. Then finally, as per usual with this tournament, PWG made a couple of makeshift tag teams for the event: Brandon Gatson and Willie Mack, and the Kevin Steen and Akira Tozawa dream team. And boy oh boy that last makeshift tag team was a creative stroke of genius from the mad scientists running PWG. Sadly they will only get to tag together one more time in PWG because Tozawa is moving back to Japan, but this team was so great while it lasted.

Before you read the review, you may also want to look at my predictions for the tournament when I Previewed DDT4 2011 back in March...I was very close in predicting the winner.

The one major problem with this show was that the DVD was released in beginning of May but the show happened in the beginning of March. Excalibur actually advertised the April 9th show on commentary which obviously proved to be futile as this DVD did not come out until over a month after that show happened. Hopefully PWG and Highspots can somehow fix this problem, sooner rather than later.

Match Ratings:

Young Bucks vs. Willie Mack & Brandon Gatson: ***1/2...The Bucks shit on the crowd before the match with their TNA superstar material, which made the fans immediately get behind (the already popular) Mack & Gatson...Excalibur explains that Gatson and Mack teamed up in honor of Rock Riddle who tragically passed away during the Legends Royal Rumble at Kurt Russellreunion...real fun opener that Bucks won in 12 minutes after a brutal superkick to Mack

RockNES Monsters vs. American Wolves: ***3/4
...this is Eddie's debut in PWG (and thus obviously the debut of the Wolves in PWG)...RockNES won the qualifying match at Kurt Russellreunion to guarantee a spot in this tournament...The Wolves were clearly the better team, but the story of the match was how the Monsters were able to hang with them for the majority of the match until the Wolves just overwhelmed them...the Wolves showed the Monsters respect after the match...very good match

Kings of Wrestling vs. Cutler Bros.: ***...this is apparently the Cutler's third straight DDT4 tournament; I sometimes forget how long they have been around...the Kings were in the very first tournament in 2007 (but they have not been back since)...Claudio is obviously also the World Champ in PWG at this time...this match was worked at a much slower pace than the first two matches so the crowd was not as hot for the match...the crowd heat was also probably affected by the fact that the Kings seem like such bigger stars than the Cutlers, but the Cutlers still had to work face...however the crowd started to heat up towards the end during the near fall sequence...a good match but not great

Briscoes vs. Nightmare Violence Connection (Akira Tozawa and Kevin Steen): ***3/4...Briscoes were last here in December beating the Cutlers; that was the same show where Steen and Tozawa had a four star match against each other...Steen and Tozawa are so ridiculously over with the PWG counter ever: Briscoes went for their double hip toss on Steen but Steen starting gouging the eye of Jay while simultaneously biting the ear of Mark...Tozawa started doing his call & response screaming routine but then he told the fans to "Shut the Fuck Up", which just made the crowd love him more...Mark and Tozawa then had a scream off which cause the crowd to explode with excitement (that was bar none, the best wrestling sequence in 2011 for my money)...I'm sure that rating seems high for a 9 minute match but this match ruled and was probably the most fun I have had watching wrestling this year...Tozawa and Steen hugged each other in victory before cooler heads prevailed

Young Bucks vs. American Wolves: ****...these teams had some awesome matches on ROH on HDnet...after Matt flicked Eddie's balls, Willie Mack said on commentary, "That was kind of fruity"...Davey gave Nick a receipt though on the ball surprise but this match sequence had about 5 superkicks in a row...the crowd erupted after Davey showed FIGHTING SPIRIT after a reverse hurricarana and hit a running clothesline...Matt escaped with a rollup on Eddie for the win while he was trapped in the single leg match on the show so far...Eddie gets a "Please Come Back Chant"...Davey put over Super Dragon and Eddie Edwards after the match

Kings of Wrestling vs. Nightmare Violence Connection: ****...Steen made the ring announcer refer to them as the Kings of Sexual Intercourse...before the match, Tozawa gave Steen a big smooch: Best Tag Team Ever...another great was not as action packed as the Wolves/Bucks match but the personalities of all four men carried this match to awesome sauce levels

Joey Ryan came out with most ridiculous white hoody in the history of humankind...Joey talks about how he could have entered DDT4 2011 with any of his former partners like Karl Anderson and Scott Lost, but he said he is destined for singles success...Ryan announces that he will cash in his world title shot at the next show (which he lost)...Joey announces that an exhibition gauntlet match for right now, with the winner facing him at the chant "Shut the Fuck Up"

Joey Ryan Exhibition Gauntlet Match

Ryan Taylor vs. Brian Cage-Taylor: **...the Fightin Taylor Boys EXPLODE~!...Joey Ryan and Excalibur started making awkward Benoit references during the match; Ryan Taylor's "killer" instinct was apparently Benoit-esque...action was okay but the match had no heat...Ryan eventually won with a swinging neck-breaker variation
Peter Avalon vs. Ryan Taylor: *3/4...Avalon jumped Ryan taylor from behind...Peter rolled up Taylor to the delight of the crowd...crowd was into Peter but the match was nothing special
Peter Avalon vs. Candice LeRae: n/a...Joey superkicked Avalon so Candice got the win...the story was that Joey rigged the tournament to fight a woman at the end
Candice LeRae vs. Joey Ryan: **1/2...LeRae tells Joey that he looks ridiculous and she is gonna make him tap him out...Joey says he doesn't look ridiculous because he looks like Brad Pitt with a shaved head in Fight Club...Joey says that if Candice beats him, he will give her his title shot...Candice immediately used 3 variations on a roll up to get some nearfalls...Candice did a tope into a tornado DDT which I don't think the crowd popped nearly as much as they should have for that move...Joey almost lost by countout after that move...Joey hit her with the boob-plex but Candice eventually came back and hit the balls-plex and a leaping top rope reverse hurricarana (which was an absurd move)...pretty solid prowrestling match actually

Young Bucks vs. Nightmare Violence Connection: ****...Steen & Tozawa jumped the Bucks at the start of the match...the Bucks gave Steen a back rake, with an ACTUAL RAKE~!...Tozawa was enraged by this and attacked both Bucks; Hero explained on commentary that Tozawa was a gardener in Japan, and thus it would be sacrilege to use a rake in such a manner...Tozawa was given a double draping ddt to the floor which the PWG refs treated like he died...Tozawa was brought to the back after that spot so the bulk of the match was the Bucks working over Steen w/o a partner...just as the Bucks were about to finish Steen with More Bang For Your Buck, Tozawa returned to save the day...Excalibur: "My name is Akira Tozawa and I THROW KICKS!"...the Bucks hit about a half-dozen brutal sounding superkicks to Steen's head in a row but he would not stay down...the crowd was going nuts after Steen kept kicking out...eventually, the Bucks hit More Bang for Your Buck on Tozawa and Steen at the same time, and then double pinned them for the win...another excellent match on the chant "THIS IS BULLSHIT!"...the Bucks hit another double superkick on Steen, and Tozawa then covered Steen to protect him...The Bucks would go on to win the tag titles at the next show

Matt Jackson talk about how great of a team they are, and how he is amazed that he had fun wrestling in front of "Stoned, Drunk Losers," which caused the fans to proudly chant "STONED AND DRUNK!"...Matt then announces that they dedicate their DDT4 victory to DIXIE CARTER, which the fans did not appreciate.

Final Thoughts: just an un-fucking believable great show...this will most certainly be the best tournament of the year, and it is a genuine challenger to Kurt Russelreunion for best wrestling show of the year

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