Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Raw Sets up Rock to Get Revenge on Cena at Wrestlemania

The end of the Wrestlemania go home RAW implies that the paying audience will want to see Rock get some measure of revenge on John Cena. That probably makes the most business sense since if this Wrestlemania has a draw, it is Cena and Rock, and not Cena and Miz. Unfortunately, we are getting Cena wrestling Miz, and not Cena wrestling Rock (yet). I still don’t know how much of a draw Rock is going to be if he is not wrestling, but at least his involvement will make for some great entertainment over the 4 hour show.

The other big news coming out of the show is that the feud between the Undertaker and HHH finally peaked, and that match is starting to sound much more like a viable main event. While I still expect the Cena/Rock confrontation to go on last, it can now be at least justified for HHH and Taker to go on last. The real question now is whether or not Shawn Michaels will get involved. Apparently, HHH was implying that Shawn would help him win, but then Shawn backed out. Presumably, that should lead to some HBK involvement with the finish.

Those two matches will probably determine whether or not Wrestlemania 27 is a great show, or just a good show.

Other Highlights and Lowlights from RAW:

- Overall, the Punk/Orton segment worked, but I don’t think Orton should have been able to get any offense on him before their match on Sunday (Orton cut a good promo later in the show as well)
- Del Rio was built up strong in the tag match segment between him and Brodus Clay vs. Edge and Christian
- The music video for HHH/Taker was awesome; it set up the match like an old school western showdown…it was just perfect
- Somehow, every year, the WWE screws up one matchup beyond all belief, and this year that matchup is the Corre vs the worst foursome in the history of professional wrestling: Big Show, Kane, Santino Marella, and Kozlov
- Apparently Undertaker’s powers extend to having control of the WWE sound department
- The segment with Taker, HHH, and HBK was tremendous…the one thing I was surprised by was that HHH was not booked to look like he had a chance at winning…that should make for an interesting dynamic in the match
- Cole and Lawler had a solid segment but it had a hard time trying to follow the HHH/HBK/Taker segment
- Morrison/Dragon vs Sheamus/Ziggler was the closest thing to wrestling on the show…WWE’s typical 50/50 booking suggests that Dragon wins back the US title at Wrestlemania
- Snooki did indeed look hammered in the bar segment

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