Friday, February 18, 2011

Random DVD Review Series #16: PWG Threemendous 2009

Shows like this made me realize how much momentum PWG was gathering as a promotion. The crowds started to become blistering hot at all of their shows (the bar 20 feet from the ring probably did not hurt). Also, the depth of the roster was really starting to develop here: Danielson, the Machine Guns, Davey, Hero, Colt Cabana & Roderick were all on the show, which is quite the expense but it was well worth it. Start supporting PWG!

Match Ratings:

Charles Mercury & Cutler Bros. Charles Mercury & Cutler Bros. vs. Johnny Goodtime, LTP, & Brandon Gatson: ***1/4…There was a great ‘Everyone dive to the outside’ sequence that the crowd loved…Gatson made a good debut here and crowd really liked his gymnastic stuff…this match went too long for an opener but the crowd really was into everything

Alex Shelley vs. Scott Lost: ***1/2…When I watch Alex Shelley in PWG, I always feel like he could be a main eventer in TNA…then I watch him in TNA and he is not treated like a star at all…such a waste…Lost was on a good streak of matches during this time

Bryan Danielson vs. Chris Sabin: ***1/2…this was a good match but the end felt a little anti-climatic…I hope to see the Guns more often in ROH and PWG in the future; they show so much more personality in the indys than in TNA

Chuck Taylor vs. Colt Cabana: **1/4…This was a comedy match…there were invisible hand grenades, lewd spots with the referee, and a trading small packages rolling around spot…Taylor had just recently lost his hair at a Chikara show….this match was fine

Davey Richards vs. Roderick Strong: ****…This match absolutely ruled…Davey and Roderick have two types of matches together: one where they take their time and try a slow build to a hot finish (think Final Battle 2010) and other one is where they just go balls to walls for 20 or so minutes and never really seem to let up, and that is what we got here….great match…fuck me, I just read that this match was only 12 minutes long

2 Skinny Black Guys vs. Young Bucks: ****…this match ruled as well…Generico and Tornado were hugely over with the crowd and he Buck were really starting to develop some serious heat…this was a non-title because Generico/Tornado had not tagged together in a while apparently

Chris Hero© (with Candice LaRae) vs. Joey Ryan (PWG Title): ***3/4…the big storyline here was that this would be the last chance for Ryan to save his record of longest running PWG champion …I was not looking forward to this match at all…Hero was still in his awkward transition from great goofball to SUPER SERIAL STRIKER and it was a rough transition…I actually thought this was a pretty epic match considering I am not a huge Ryan fan and Hero had still not quite found his groove yet…a great brawl

Overall Show Thoughts: This show was great a must buy for PWG fans…if you want to start watching PWG, this would not be a bad kick off point

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