Monday, January 31, 2011

Potential big ROH matches for Mania Weekend

Apparently ROH is gonna be running two iPPVs during Mania Weekend...I understand the decision to add more iPPVs because its essentially free money...however, the 4 iPPVs in 2010 were all built up to be something special and these two are going to water down the specialness of them...oh well

Anyway, on a more positive note, these iPPV's present a potentially huge stage to showcase some great are some of the ones I would be interested in

Roddy Roddy Strong(c) vs. Davey Richards: Davey absolutely must win his next ROH title match or he will be seen as a failure to the ROH they might as well do it on the biggest wrestling weekend of the year

World's Greatest Tag Team vs. Kings of Wrestling(c): Shelton and Haas absolutely are the only ones who should dethrone the Kings...Briscoes are somewhat tired and the All Night Express still need some more in-ring again, they might as well do it on the biggest wrestling weekend if the year

Davey Richards vs. Low Ki: Only problem i see here is that I don't know if Low Ki burned his bridges with Gabe Sapolsky or with ROH...I am inclined to say Gabe but IDK...this should be a MOTYC

American Wolves vs. World's Greatest Tag Team: If you have to ask why this match should happen, then you don't deserve to watch wrestling

Roddy Roddy Strong(c) vs. Prince Devitt: I am really hoping that ROH hooks up with NJPW for some joint promotion so we can see more Devitt, Ibushi, Omega, Taguchi, etc in ROH

other than that, I don't really know but I am sure that I will think of more interesting matchups

BTW: later this week I will have some blog posts on the DGUSA iPPV's from this weekend

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